2003-08-16 10:03:34 ET

im going hunting, job hunting! woo
not excited but i need one. blahh
im off

2003-08-16 10:06:56 ET

good luck!!!!

2003-08-16 11:05:29 ET

Yes you might need alot of it I've been like everywhere I think I have too much metal shoved through my face...

2003-08-17 08:12:40 ET

i think my hair is a big throw off, noone likes it

2003-08-17 13:17:09 ET

i like your hair.

2003-08-17 13:17:14 ET

i would hire you

2003-08-17 13:18:43 ET


2003-08-17 13:20:32 ET

its very true.

2003-08-17 13:24:26 ET

at least someone will

2003-08-17 13:25:55 ET


2003-08-18 16:06:22 ET

I like your hair too... no one will hire me :-(

2003-08-19 12:49:36 ET

hah thanks!, YES I KNOW THE FEELING!!

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