2003-08-17 08:18:33 ET

i went in a shoe stor yesterday, i had this Sigur Ros shirt on that has the ( ) on it,
and this really big boxer looking guy came up to me and was like
"is that shirt for sigur ros?"
i freaked out
and we had like a 20 min conversation about all my fave bands and his fave bands, it was sooo awsome!!!
i made a new friend!!!

2003-08-17 08:22:29 ET

just goes to show you that you should never judge someone by how they look.

2003-08-17 08:26:21 ET

yeah yeah, i still say he could kick my ass, but im going to be going to shoe inn alot more, now that im not alone

2003-08-17 09:45:55 ET

just dont go to shoe show. shu shu

2003-08-17 11:15:28 ET

haha shu sha

2003-08-17 13:26:30 ET

new friends freakin rock

2003-08-17 14:32:10 ET

yes they do!!

2003-08-17 14:33:15 ET

ive been making new friends too and they are so fun

will you be my friend?! O_O!

2003-08-17 14:35:50 ET

hahah YES!!!

2003-08-17 14:36:15 ET


2003-08-17 14:36:30 ET

that was fun!

2003-08-17 14:37:22 ET

i know!

2003-08-17 14:37:48 ET

a little to much fun

2003-08-17 14:38:08 ET

im also watching ground force on bbc america

2003-08-17 14:38:31 ET


2003-08-17 14:39:50 ET

ground force...
that sounds fun too.
I'm listening to silverstein which is...
*melts* <-- that.<BR> oh wow
just woow

2003-08-17 14:45:24 ET

i really dont wan tto go to school tomorrow...that just made me very depressed

2003-08-17 14:53:27 ET

i dont want to go to school either... i still have a ton of HW to do

2003-08-17 15:08:04 ET

*shudders* My mom watches ground force all the time. She is obsessed with Changing rooms.

2003-08-17 18:19:24 ET

i know!!! muahahaha
i just got off the phone with you sarah!!!
i love you!!!!!

2003-08-17 19:12:49 ET

i love your ass.

2003-08-17 22:50:07 ET

woooo for sigur ros
you like kick ass music
esp godspeed and bjork

2003-08-19 12:51:09 ET

haha YES!!!! another fan!!!!!!
i <3 you now!

2003-08-19 12:51:36 ET

haha YES!!!! another fan!!!!!!
i <3 you now!

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