2003-08-24 15:50:35 ET

im sitting in my computer room getting fat
i had 3 slices of pizza and now im eatinmg this
really good
fudge cake

oh well

im hell bent on learning
not just because sigur ros is from iceland
i plan to go there
and i think that
icelandinc would be really cool
to speak
i want to find a good book
on learning it
wish luck


2003-08-24 15:51:56 ET

im sure you can find it online lol/ the book i mean.
i want pizza!lol

2003-08-24 15:53:29 ET

i have found one i want but in total itll be like $70 for 2 books

and the pizza was good, sausage and mushrooms. YUM

2003-08-24 15:54:12 ET

uhhh i love mushrooms! lol
awe maybe you can just meet someone who speaks the language

2003-08-24 15:56:22 ET

there is one guy that lives here somewhere that is from iceland, id like to meet him
i have frineds that know him

this is the book

2003-08-24 15:57:33 ET

thats so cool. :P

2003-08-24 15:58:25 ET

you know there is some pixxa left

2003-08-24 15:58:27 ET

it didnt link me anywhere

2003-08-24 16:02:24 ET

hmmmm my computer must be poisoned

2003-08-24 16:03:01 ET

there we go
now try it

2003-08-24 16:03:33 ET

oh lol. learning icelandic
you should get
icelandic for dummies

2003-08-24 16:04:24 ET

thats acually a good idea
wonder if it exists

2003-08-24 16:05:44 ET

hahah why wouldt it
they have sex for dummies
guitar for dummies
house wife for dummies
etc etc

2003-08-24 16:06:40 ET

im going to find it

2003-08-24 16:10:41 ET

the closest ive come is a list of 187 books from barens and noble

2003-08-24 17:19:30 ET

its such a beautiful language...we should learn together...haha

2003-08-25 09:25:44 ET

what a coincidence, i made fudge cake today.

2003-08-25 17:06:08 ET

JuKe: yes we should!!!! it would be awsome!

zero: that freaking fudge killed my insides, but it was soo good

2003-08-25 17:07:04 ET

lets do it! *hugs*

2003-08-25 17:08:22 ET

haha... im for it, no joke!
i really want to learn that lang
i think that is something i would really get into
do you know any icelandic?
just like little phrases?

2003-08-25 17:09:35 ET

i know a few some phrases because of sigur ros lyrics

2003-08-25 17:12:24 ET

hah woo same here
i do know this and a few other things:

Čg člska Žś (I love you)

Takk (thanks)

the german Guden tag is hello i think
and a few others

2003-08-25 17:17:50 ET


i just wish i could find a computer game er book or something to help teach me/us

2003-08-25 17:20:10 ET

yeah really, i cant find any crap like that

2003-08-25 17:23:56 ET

me either

maybe barnes and nobles...who knows

2003-08-25 17:25:36 ET

i checked B&N last night and they only have books...and not many

2003-08-25 17:26:21 ET

damn it

2003-08-25 17:26:57 ET

let fly ourselves in an icelander haha we can share him/her/it

2003-08-25 17:28:33 ET

hahahaha YES ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!!!!

2003-08-25 17:29:43 ET

and its a guy ill marry him so he can become a citizine and then we'll have our own personal icelander

2003-08-25 17:33:00 ET

but first well have to teach him english

2003-08-25 17:33:19 ET

we can do it!

2003-08-25 17:35:00 ET

im excited!!!
hey btw have you seen Sigur Ros live?

2003-08-25 17:38:17 ET


2003-08-25 17:41:33 ET

ah me too!
arent they FREAKING AWSOME!!!!!

2003-08-25 17:46:13 ET


and yes they are

2003-08-25 17:48:00 ET

did they play nosnavalen or seven-g-englar for you

2003-08-25 17:48:58 ET

they played steve-g-englar

2003-08-25 17:54:41 ET

ohh you lcuky basterd!!!!!!!!!....bitch..

2003-08-25 17:55:14 ET

yep thats me!

2003-08-25 17:57:52 ET

was it good

2003-08-25 17:59:19 ET


2003-08-25 18:01:24 ET

ahh i wanted to see
they played hassol for me

2003-08-25 18:02:05 ET


2003-08-25 18:03:17 ET

whoops hafssol
sp was wrong

2003-08-25 18:11:16 ET

i knew what you ment

2003-08-25 18:17:14 ET

did they play that?
they had to play vaka
and višrar vel til loftįrįsa

2003-08-25 18:39:50 ET

yep they played all 3

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