College life
2003-08-26 17:47:26 ET

i went to see sarah today!
EKU is really kinda cool
i went up to sarahs dorm
and met her roomie, cool

i go to EKU for one day
i can get use to the college life

its going to be fun.

at the moment i have an extreamly bad headache
i thinkim getting sick
i have symptoms of the flu
b4 i get the flu i:
have headache
sore throght
body aches
and kinda a runny nose.....
lucky me
i have all of those

cant wait


2003-08-26 19:25:12 ET

wooo for college
i have many years.

2003-08-26 20:36:21 ET

ok this is me being your mom....

go make some tea and put hunnie in it
then take some cold medicine
then go to bed

=) it should help a little

2003-08-27 10:38:42 ET

agh no feel better NOW!
and i want to go to college for a day and hang out with people,

2003-08-28 08:55:49 ET

EKU is cool, know why? ME! muhahaha! Glad you had fun. I wuv you, and can't wait til Friday! WEEE!

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