2003-09-01 08:46:52 ET

i hate the end of weekends
it maybe mnonday
but its the end of the long weekend

i really dont want to go to school tomorrow
i want to do what i did all this weekend

scary roadin'

hanging out with sarah, and kandas
getting kicked out of wal mart for taking pictures
(ill post them in the journal if someone will inform me how to)

having a phenominal band pratice

having a hilighter party in my room with sarah tiffany
emily and angela

and now
im sitting at home
doing nothing

2003-09-01 08:48:43 ET

they kicked us out once for video taping walmart. hahaha i hate it when the weekends end but then i just have the next to look forward too

2003-09-01 09:08:18 ET


2003-09-01 09:11:37 ET


2003-09-01 12:41:49 ET

and the more weekends that pass...the sooner our halloween party will happen yay!!!

2003-09-01 16:28:36 ET

i miss you already. im gonna redo my page with those pics. :)

2003-09-01 18:01:39 ET


2003-09-02 10:34:32 ET

this halloween party...is the oddone invited? <333 ^_~

2003-09-02 10:42:32 ET


2003-09-02 10:43:18 ET

oh and where do you live again?

2003-09-02 10:49:10 ET

I live in Richmond, KY.. but it will be held at Kandess's house. (UnLabled) Which is like an hour south of Lexington Kentucky. :)

2003-09-02 10:54:37 ET

oh...okay lol. i will try and go but if im not there you know why ;)

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