2003-09-01 18:29:39 ET

i swear
i fucking hate school

i have 3!!!! fucking quizzes tomorrow in AP US
im fucked

its really going to suck

i want all my friends back

sarah drew this cartoony looking thing above my bed
its carictures of Her, tiffany g., some guy, me, nesa, and brandon.
everytime i look at it i wanna cry, it makes me so happy that i have a friend that would draw something that depicts the things that mean the most to me.
it is the greatest thing that anyone has ever given to me(sarah, weather you know it or not)
to her its a simple stupid drawing
but to me
its a symbol of friendship (cheesy)

im also getting my hair cut on wed
it going to hopefully look good
but i guess well see

i must go study now


2003-09-01 20:19:39 ET

anytime. <3

2003-09-02 10:45:51 ET

school is the worst thing sometimes. i want a piccy by shadow doll.<3 hehehe and quizes are nightmares but if it means anything i hope you pass with flying colours

2003-09-02 10:47:51 ET

You tell me what, and where to send babe. :)

2003-09-02 10:49:46 ET

oooohhhhh!!!! that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
could you draw me and some people if i sent you the pictures...of course on one paper? <3333 oh i love you forever!

2003-09-02 10:51:19 ET

sure could. :) Lets make Brent take a picture of the characters on the wall so u can see if that is the style you want.

2003-09-02 10:54:11 ET

oh you can do it in whatever style you feel is appropriate<3

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