The New Do!
2003-09-04 14:21:31 ET

i got my hair str8tened and cut....excitement
youll see the pic in the 1st gallery
sarah, kandess it was all for you

i cant wait to go to school
everyone will shit

2003-09-04 14:27:48 ET

WOOO thats hot like what
my hair hasnt been that strait in a while. To much gell and bleach. its all dryed out now

2003-09-04 14:28:43 ET

hah woo im a hottie now ROCK!!!!

2003-09-04 15:27:47 ET

Brent is officially a hottie!

2003-09-04 16:36:15 ET


2003-09-04 22:09:50 ET

I must concur. Its a good look on you.

In a totally heterosexual way, of course ;)

2003-09-05 06:52:13 ET

hey...if Marks on his soul says it looks good on ya, then you know you're looking good. =)

2003-09-05 10:38:30 ET

ohhh geeezuuusss!
The hair is AMAZING
i love long hair on guys.
you pull it off well

2003-09-05 10:40:22 ET

He does, and I'm jealous. I'm growing my hair out... I hope it turns out at least half as good.

2003-09-05 10:41:22 ET

I'm sure it will turn out nice

2003-09-05 11:23:42 ET

Hmm...growing your hair out? awesome, you've got the face for it, so it'll look really good. I want pictures when it's done

2003-09-05 13:18:44 ET

HOLY SHIT. is all I gotta say. My first thought was... I need to take portraits.. then I was like... shit, that's BRENT! OMG! It looks fucking awesome. I told you it would!

2003-09-05 14:08:00 ET

Its still quite a way off I think. I'll need a few more months for sure. =(

2003-09-05 16:45:20 ET

he's a hottie huh

2003-09-06 09:44:13 ET

i really like it
Marks: its taken over a year to get to this point...have fun!
Oddone:thank you i am so horny........8-0
Kandy:.......what can i say
sarah:so i guess now youll want more pics of me....since im soo hot...weeeoeewwwoeeeoe!

2003-09-06 09:46:06 ET

can i keep you?

2003-09-06 09:47:33 ET

hahah shure....isnt amazing how a simple haircust can change people

2003-09-06 09:57:03 ET

yay! yes your hair cut is amazing
you can stay under my bed!

2003-09-06 10:00:28 ET

i love a good haircut, and you've got a good one

2003-09-06 10:04:05 ET

i just kick that much ass

2003-09-06 15:08:46 ET

lol weeoooweeeoooweeeoooooooooo

2003-09-06 16:01:30 ET


2003-09-07 08:16:49 ET

A year? Oh god, this will be a trial of my patience!

2003-09-07 13:04:17 ET

lol... i believe in you

2003-09-07 14:21:20 ET

you can do it. i did

2003-09-07 19:22:01 ET

I dunno... I've been temped several times today all ready... when my hair gets long, it goes POOF! and its crazy.

2003-09-08 11:20:30 ET

yep that would be mine

2003-09-08 11:32:34 ET

do you straighten it everyday?

2003-09-08 13:01:00 ET

i wish i had the time...i do somewhat though

2003-09-08 13:15:53 ET

i would straighten it for you. i do my brothers hair and my friends stephen

2003-09-08 13:23:48 ET

hah do mine then

2003-09-08 13:25:34 ET

lol come to florida then

2003-09-08 13:28:38 ET

woo im on my way
*starts the car*

2003-09-08 13:29:37 ET

lol this is sad

2003-09-08 13:31:32 ET

*getting on interstate*

2003-09-08 13:33:12 ET

lol... watch out for cows

2003-09-08 13:34:34 ET

*entering tennesee*

2003-09-08 13:34:58 ET

woohoo!!!! to bad I can't drive yet!

2003-09-08 13:36:06 ET

its so fun!
*entering georgia* im a fast driver

2003-09-08 13:36:31 ET

geeeeez you are. *gets out ceramic straightener*

2003-09-08 13:40:07 ET

now where?

2003-09-08 13:41:26 ET


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