2003-09-06 17:18:52 ET

tonight was my night of revolution
i was supporting the music
i am the minion of a band
i have spred the words
Sigur Ros.
check gallery.

2003-09-06 17:29:18 ET

apparently illegal is fun...i never got into that...I didn't drink til i turned 21..i guess i was just no fun

2003-09-06 17:42:11 ET

well. i kida feel bad for stincling a few of those in places. but still it was for the band!
much love

2003-09-06 17:43:05 ET

everything for the band is always much fun...for all bands. i've hand many good times invovling concerts and shiz

2003-09-06 17:44:43 ET

havent we all

2003-09-06 18:57:53 ET

one word:


2003-09-07 05:59:28 ET

i knew youd like that

2003-09-07 07:29:13 ET


2003-09-07 08:32:42 ET

ahhhflaaaabbhahahahaha. I've done that shit alot. No worries. I'm all about graffiti.

2003-09-07 14:25:21 ET


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