the poop
2003-09-07 14:43:06 ET

i really just hate school.
it sucks ass

i had to much time to think in the process
of driving to and from Richmond

the hilight of my day was hanging out with sarah
it seems like shes the only one i can talk to anymore

i cant really connect with anyone here
i was left alone
in the dark

but i dont care
i just want out

to get away from this town
and these fake people

*save Me*

2003-09-07 14:45:14 ET

school does suck. and richmond where?

2003-09-07 14:47:43 ET

richmond ky.
to eastern ky univ.

2003-09-07 14:48:44 ET

I actually like my school. But if you don't liek your town come move here, your hot. :P

2003-09-07 14:51:40 ET

hahah thanks
where would that be?

2003-09-07 14:52:47 ET

Canada baby

2003-09-07 14:54:39 ET

book me a flight.....hehe
this town is just small
noone here is that intresting
and if they are
their usually fake

2003-09-07 14:57:07 ET

Yeah well it's the same in my town. I wouldn't recommend anyone to come here. I jsut wanted to flirt with you.

2003-09-07 15:01:14 ET

well how bout that....hehe

2003-09-07 15:10:23 ET

Yay now I have a new buddy.. It must be all that charm I don't have.

2003-09-07 15:12:36 ET

yes it is!

you have very little charm......
im joking

2003-09-07 15:15:50 ET

I try to be as uncharming as possible. It works.

2003-09-07 15:20:19 ET

yes it does
i have tried it many times

2003-09-07 15:21:13 ET

Betcha I could out uncharm you anyday.

2003-09-07 15:22:45 ET

i dont use my uncharmnes much

2003-09-07 15:25:33 ET

SHould try it more, you'd be surprised where it'd get you in life.

2003-09-07 15:26:46 ET

good idea

2003-09-07 15:48:04 ET

i know exactly how you feel

i need to get away from the east coast ASAP

2003-09-07 16:22:53 ET

the east coast rocks!

2003-09-07 16:23:34 ET

your ridiculous

2003-09-07 16:39:44 ET

no way, the east coast is great..

2003-09-07 16:48:05 ET

i still think your ridiculous

2003-09-07 17:20:55 ET

I here....

2003-09-07 17:36:10 ET

I had fun today too. We've gotta hit that fucking house man. Also, those damn glasses are cool.

2003-09-08 11:25:23 ET

yes! the house!!
we will go
and yes those glasses do kick ass.

2003-09-08 11:42:19 ET

you and sara must come visit me in florida and hang out with my very real friends...<333

2003-09-08 13:00:08 ET

spring break!
...summer break!!!!
how close are you to daytona?
because i am going to New Symirna Beach this summer

2003-09-08 13:15:25 ET

7 hours :(

2003-09-08 13:24:27 ET

well we have a condo there

2003-09-08 13:25:48 ET

lol well we can work it out yo

2003-09-08 13:29:13 ET

yes, yo

2003-09-08 13:30:07 ET

im a whodie

hmmm...think think think

2003-09-08 13:30:48 ET


2003-09-08 13:32:46 ET

i duno... i heard some kid call me a whodie today

i'm devising a plan so that you could come chill with me because we would rock the world to pieces

2003-09-08 13:35:15 ET

rock rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`

2003-09-08 13:36:04 ET

yes indeed that

2003-09-08 13:50:12 ET

off of subject
but the most beautiful song in the world right now is

2003-09-08 13:55:52 ET

really... thats nice to think of a beautiful song
the most beautiful song for me right now is the calender hung itself

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