2003-09-08 13:21:42 ET

i have realized who my real friends are
the ones that would stand by me
the people that i can trust and love

all i want right now is to create
a mindscape of absolute horror

my mind works
i think of things that seem wrong
i feel like everything that i see
is covered with a shroud

the walls i see are bloodstained
and rusted
the windows are broken
the floors are metal and falling apart
the doors heavy and bolted shut

the people are living for their secrects
no one is real

the things that i see are fake
i have flashes in my mind
what would happen if i did this?

i feel as though im going insane sometimes
im living in a world of hate and uglyness
but no one ever sees it

people lie
and cheat

but no one cares
they all ignore it

they want to get on with life

but do they see what i see?
why do i see these things?

2003-09-08 13:35:51 ET

<3 amazing.
and i feel you.

2003-09-08 13:37:45 ET


2003-09-08 13:41:51 ET

?what is that

2003-09-08 18:17:09 ET

dont know really

2003-09-08 20:36:25 ET

you feel this way because of a lot of recent events. I felt like my world ended when the class of 2002 walked the line, i knew it was the end and i was so depressed... but i realized that if they hadnt moved out of my life, i would never have gained people that hold meaning for me now.. like you, kandess, tiffany, and people i've met here.

2003-09-09 11:01:04 ET

are you sure about that?(brent)

2003-09-09 11:09:10 ET

sarah: i love you!

Oddone: shure about what?

2003-09-09 11:11:36 ET

not knowing what that thing is. i think you know. lol

2003-09-09 11:16:17 ET

possably maybe

2003-09-09 11:17:17 ET

lol what is it thennnn

2003-09-09 11:18:45 ET

are gone

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