2003-09-10 11:15:38 ET

i really
want someone to love.
but in a way i dont
the things tat have happened to me
in the past
always come back to haunt me

i get tired of being alone
tired of being bitched at for no reason
i try
it never works

i want someone to love
but i am afarid any more
no one can be made happy
at least
not in my eyes
what i want
isnt what they want
i can see it in their eyes

theres beauty
theres theres pain
you never know what will happen
the loves
they come from nowhere
when you least expect it

i dont want to wait
im afraid to live
i want a love
but not a bone

im tired of comeing home
theres nothing here
noting to do
the people that are here
are all closed
no one sees what is here
no one cares
their all closed
but to themselves

see nothing but vanity
nothing else

why do they never love..

2003-09-10 11:31:13 ET

talent to the max

and I know how you feel. It can get tough and confusing...*hugs* hang in there

2003-09-10 11:42:17 ET

yea tis not a cool feelin'... i just try not to think about it too much... :-) nice poem though

2003-09-10 11:43:56 ET

all i can say is.....

2003-09-10 11:44:05 ET

and thanks

2003-09-10 11:44:43 ET

yea... hope is what keeps me goin' :-)

2003-09-10 11:45:50 ET


2003-09-10 11:45:50 ET

thats about it.
for me at least

2003-09-10 11:47:34 ET

:-)... yea.. i think hope is probably one of the more important things... its the only thing that keeps dreams alive

2003-09-10 11:49:42 ET

live long

2003-09-10 11:53:37 ET


2003-09-10 11:56:03 ET

indeed and so is <3

2003-09-10 11:58:11 ET

im going to post this at my school tomorrow

the evil ensues

2003-09-10 11:59:27 ET

whoa .
thats a statement
yyou would get suspended at my school for posting that

2003-09-10 12:01:06 ET


2003-09-10 12:01:36 ET


2003-09-10 12:05:03 ET

because me school is stupid and i got yelled at for hanging up a poster for a show

2003-09-10 12:07:35 ET

i have my little rebellions
that mean things to me
but no one else
because there to fucking ignorant to understand it

2003-09-10 12:09:06 ET

yea... i rebel in a completely dif. way... :-) i think everything happens for a reason... so the fact that bush bein' in office doesn't bother me... tends to piss off a lot of people haha O_o

2003-09-10 12:10:51 ET

it bothers me
because hes...well id rather not start ranting
but im not all political all the time
just from time to time

2003-09-10 12:11:16 ET

people are ignorant...it gets annoying like i'm going to eat through my own hand annoying

2003-09-10 12:13:55 ET

hahaha.. i just choose not to care... the overall picture is i believe in armageddon... and i think bush is makin' it more possible O_o

2003-09-10 12:20:14 ET

hahahahah @ oddgirlie

and yes its true
but hey hes gone next year...hopefuly

2003-09-10 12:26:29 ET

*sigh* i hate politics...it makes me all scared and confused but you know what i do like...

Bright Eyes

2003-09-10 12:34:12 ET

i use to hate them toooo
now that im in AP US history
i have learned alot...and its slowly making sense.
the government....IS AN ASS
i barely ever watch tv anymore
thanks to that class
there is soooooo many
hidden messages in the news and shit today
its not even cool

2003-09-10 12:36:09 ET

i hardly watch tv becqause its boring. i think im too emotional to get into politics...but its good you are learning expand

but bright eyes...see no politics<3

2003-09-10 12:45:49 ET

theres no way in hell ill ever become a politician
ill just do my own things .....

2003-09-10 12:46:38 ET

you should be a writer and dedicate a book to me!! lol
just kidding

2003-09-10 12:53:16 ET

you never know
it would be about fucking emotions
and how shitty life can be

2003-09-10 12:54:37 ET

if i had a book dedicated to me i would cry.
make sure its real and that you include your wonderful photograpghy

2003-09-10 12:58:47 ET

and art
which i have been meaning to post lately
and i will

2003-09-10 13:01:20 ET


2003-09-10 13:02:49 ET

i regret that i didnt take more pics ffrom out west

2003-09-10 13:03:14 ET

i have a bunch, i need to scan them

2003-09-10 13:05:48 ET

you should

2003-09-10 13:07:03 ET

eh, i will sometime
i need to get the basterd to work first

i feel free today....

2003-09-10 13:07:41 ET

thats good. freedom is beautiful

2003-09-10 13:11:24 ET

i love 3 things right now
Pete & Pete

2003-09-10 13:13:48 ET

thats very good.<3

2003-09-10 13:16:36 ET

wooooo hooooo..........
save me

2003-09-10 13:23:14 ET

tell me how and i will

2003-09-10 13:37:09 ET

i have no idea.
i need a friend

2003-09-10 15:10:47 ET


get out of my head
get out of my head
get out of my head brent!

2003-09-10 15:45:55 ET


2003-09-10 16:36:09 ET



my fav artist!

2003-09-11 10:32:23 ET

i'm already your friend

2003-09-11 10:40:00 ET

Love: i like !

odd: i know

2003-09-11 10:40:08 ET

Love: i like !

odd: i know

2003-09-11 10:41:02 ET

have i saved you yet?

2003-09-11 10:46:45 ET


2003-09-11 10:47:01 ET


2003-09-11 10:47:19 ET

ok now you have!

2003-09-11 14:01:14 ET

yes my life is complete *dies*

2003-09-11 15:20:40 ET


2003-09-11 15:52:03 ET

he is amazing

2003-09-11 16:04:37 ET


2003-09-11 16:11:59 ET

ralph bakshi

and you of course :p

2003-09-12 09:28:01 ET

ahhh yes
he is!!!

2003-09-12 09:32:19 ET


2003-09-12 13:02:46 ET


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