The Post
2003-09-12 20:11:23 ET

Told you Love K K

feeling kind of lonely
dont knwo really why

just have the damn inner emotions
that make you feel all sad and lonely
i really want to be with some one

but you know all this
just that i miss being loved
and now that i no longer
get affection
i feel drained all the time

never really truly happy
not that i ever was to begin

ever wonder...
why am i like this?
i never know

was it the one who left
me sitting alone

was it the basterd that made me the way i am
he deserves what he gets
which is more than i ever had
i wish they would lock him up
he dosent deserve to be here

why in the hell do they treat him like that?
life is never fair
fucking basterd

never will they understand
what they have done
till its too late

theyll all get what is comeing in the end

it consumes the mind

all i have heard today is
i adore the man

but we all must move on

its only till your gone
when your really cared about the most
"if he were here today"
why not make that now
instead of then

people brush things off to easily
i never understand them

its over

2003-09-12 20:18:23 ET


..i really don't know what to say.

2003-09-12 20:20:12 ET

no one ever does

2003-09-12 20:21:06 ET

well being it's 1:20am, and i've been up since 5:15am... i have a valid reason why my brain can't function.

2003-09-12 20:24:14 ET

hah ive been up since 7 but i am a person that just fucking LOVES sleep
its the best thing ever
and i dream almost everynight
all my dreas are like movies
they taunt me sometimes
poking at my weaknesses
but you grow a amunity (sp)

2003-09-12 20:28:19 ET

i sleep when i can.

i NEVER sleep.

but when i do dream... they're weird.

2003-09-12 20:30:16 ET

*big huge fucking hug* to you brent because your wonderful and ever tho i can't do much if ya ever need to talk feel free to IM me

2003-09-12 20:33:06 ET

that i will do

2003-09-12 20:33:48 ET

aww *kisses*

2003-09-12 20:35:04 ET

soo tired
dont want
to go
down 2 flights of starirs

2003-09-12 20:36:11 ET

i sowwie

2003-09-12 20:38:20 ET

im too tired to comprehend
let alone tyoe correclty

2003-09-12 20:40:13 ET

im sorry your tired and dont want to go down 2 flights of stairs

2003-09-12 20:41:20 ET

i complain tooo much

2003-09-12 20:56:27 ET

no you dont

2003-09-12 20:59:37 ET

im going to bed

2003-09-12 21:11:36 ET

nite nite and sweet dreams

2003-09-13 06:52:56 ET

*hugs brent*

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