2003-09-14 16:34:51 ET

today was useless
i did nothing
i got up at 1
and watched the two towers
and by the time that was over
i took a shower
and then plyed sim city 4 untill now

i hate and love days like this
i have to study for AP US and sont want to

you torment me
why do you do that
cat liek you care but say otherwise

so stupid

i want out


2003-09-14 18:01:25 ET

ugh. i hated ap us
and my dog just farted on me eew!!!

hope things get better.

2003-09-14 20:37:30 ET

do you like the violent femmes? I saw them in concert.. they sound like something you would dig.

2003-09-15 10:48:56 ET

*hugs* i'll help you study

2003-09-15 11:10:37 ET

rebelina: yes it sucks....and thats nasty*barf*

Sarah: never heard them...........dig?

oddgirl:im shure you will!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-09-15 11:31:09 ET

i willlll

2003-09-15 15:12:05 ET


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