2003-09-18 13:53:45 ET

i hate school
there is a fucking war going on between
the "Freaks" and the "Hicks"
its so fucking stupid
one hick hit a freak
and then someone threatened to biring a gun to school

and so we were searched and under like
"high security" today

any way
i now have some pics of some of my art
there not that great
not bad
there hanging from my celing

here they are

"Five Faces"

"No Longer a Love"

"The Begining"

thats all for now

2003-09-18 13:57:13 ET

your art is beautiful
very my style
and i hate school
and that war at your school must be at my school too.
shit like that happens all the time. so dumb

2003-09-18 13:58:41 ET


2003-09-18 13:58:59 ET

it just doesnt make sense

2003-09-18 14:17:05 ET

fuck school. That shit goes on all the time dude. You just gotta overlook that shit and come visit me in RichIMonD!

2003-09-18 16:36:03 ET

well, i will...soon my friend soon

2003-09-18 16:46:16 ET

your art is just like wow you think you could ever paint/draw me be happy to pay you for it

2003-09-18 17:11:07 ET

hah well
i have a freaking stck of stuff
but hey
ill do something for you
maybe this weekend

2003-09-18 17:25:52 ET

that would be amazing...thank you

2003-09-18 17:28:36 ET

no prob
do you want it on sometihing like that^^^^^
or on a smaller peice of paper
or both?

2003-09-18 17:32:06 ET

whatever is easier for you...ill pay the shipping considering it'll probably be a pretty penny

2003-09-19 06:09:27 ET

ok, well ill do them this weekend

2003-09-19 09:24:03 ET

thanx hun =)

< to the 3

2003-09-19 09:42:59 ET


2003-09-19 10:51:07 ET

you love the dorkiness that reaks from my every pour

2003-09-19 19:13:05 ET

same here

2003-09-21 13:41:39 ET

i love you both
and i love your art

2003-09-21 13:44:57 ET

thank you!!

2003-09-21 13:48:10 ET

you're very welcome!

2003-09-21 13:54:32 ET

theres another one
new post

2003-09-21 17:36:15 ET

aww i love you too? was that directed at me?

2003-09-21 17:36:56 ET

of course!

2003-09-21 17:37:23 ET

hah right on then

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