what its like to be alone
2003-10-13 14:15:08 ET

just when i think that i fell better
i begin to feel worse

people like me
people want me
but i dont want them
i want to stay out of relationships
but i feel so alone

all i want to do is go somewhere
but there is nowhere to go
i want to be loved
but i dont want to go through tourment

last time
screwed me up
i thought today was good
but it was ruined by a raised voice in the morning

i cant go without seeing your

im drained
i really cant take this much longer
no one seems to be there anymore

no ones as close as they use to be

numb to the world now
i go
i walk
i see
i drive
i sleep

nothing more
nothing less

it will never end
and i know it will never begin


2003-10-13 14:21:34 ET

i totally related to that post right there.


(hi. i'm abby. mind if i add you as a buddy?)

2003-10-13 14:58:50 ET

thats great!
i love a new buddy.
my posts come from the <3
most of the time

2003-10-13 15:26:17 ET

i feel the same sometimes and the only thing i can do is drive away to somewhere secluded and cry...

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