Cloudy going home
2003-10-14 15:14:53 ET

its been the best weather weve had all year
its kinda cold
and gloomy

today has been fairly good
thanks to the weather

im, kinda getting a headache though

im going to start training
on how to use photo developing equipment
hopefuly im going to get a job at a local photo place

thats all for now

i have a test tomorrow.

2003-10-14 15:17:44 ET

oh you so should get a photography job. ammamamamazing!*

2003-10-14 15:32:34 ET

I agree.....todays weather was so amazing

2003-10-14 15:50:58 ET

my girlies bday is the 23rd too and were always arguing if she is a libra or a scorpio...

happy early bday too:):)

2003-10-14 15:54:12 ET

yeah happy early bday brent

2003-10-14 17:40:08 ET

I love the cold too

2003-10-14 18:52:09 ET

the cold rules!!!!! im soo happy!!

ahh us Libra/Scorpios are insane...i bet shes insane isnt she...moody too.

2003-10-14 18:52:56 ET

and yes thanks you all, its next week....ill be 17....scarey

2003-10-14 18:53:30 ET

17...that was when all the freaky stuff started happening...beware!!!

just kidding ;)

2003-10-14 18:55:08 ET

it already has.....sucking
but oh well
live and learn.......and then get luves (or whatever)

2003-10-14 18:56:05 ET

Yes...get luvs then piss yourself...(was intended to be lighthearted ;))

It has it's share...there are positives though, aren't there?

2003-10-14 18:56:33 ET

i'll be 20...

2003-10-14 19:02:25 ET

i hope old are you anyway??

and kandess......your getting old.....soo soo sorry he he he

2003-10-14 19:03:39 ET

I be 20

2003-10-14 19:04:50 ET

woo your both uber oldies

2003-10-14 19:04:51 ET

hey im not old, im just 20 on sunday

2003-10-14 19:08:19 ET

I am pretty old :-/

And soon you will be too! muahahaha

2003-10-14 19:11:09 ET

i know

2003-10-14 20:14:59 ET

quite moody actually haha

and very insane also

2003-10-15 15:09:25 ET

thats me....shes cool and ive never met her...tell her i said hi From one Libra scorpio to another

2003-10-15 15:29:26 ET

im heading over there right now...ill let her know:)

2003-10-15 15:31:00 ET


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