2003-10-20 16:23:37 ET

im happy, for at least now

after school i went to Caseys house
and hung out for like 2 hours

am finely findong my old self

and now
have found out
this summer
holy crap
i cant FREKING WAIT!!!!!!!

i really hope that the plans go through
its going to bea school trip

were going to go to
and then

ah man im soo excited

i think im falling
but we will see


2003-10-20 16:39:23 ET

woo,you like Sigur Ros...I've seen them for every tour!(cept cochella but that doesn't count)

2003-10-20 16:45:18 ET

can i come? :p

2003-10-20 17:00:30 ET

Little: THEY ROCK!!!

LKK: you dont go to my school...... but i still love you!

2003-10-20 17:03:09 ET

lol i love you too

2003-10-20 17:06:43 ET


2003-10-20 19:09:32 ET

yay for Europe! I'm going to Europe too this summer - Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Sivas - all in Turkey. yay for summer vacations to Europe!!!! :D

2003-10-20 19:15:34 ET

im going to Europe on my honeymoon.

By the way, good to see you happy

2003-10-20 19:19:18 ET

where in Europe, UnLabled?? I'm a language/music/culture freak - so it's imparitive for me to harass you about it :)

2003-10-20 19:22:01 ET

ahhh Italy, the Alps, and random other places, not quiet sure yet, Pisa, Florence, Venice

2003-10-20 19:24:03 ET

eeee! yay for travel! can you speak Italian yet? if not, I can hook you up with free stuff to teach you.

2003-10-20 19:25:31 ET

not yet, i wanted to in college but the year i was there, they werent teaching until the next year. Tell me whatcha got

2003-10-20 19:27:00 ET

I'll PM them to you tomorrow, my head's about to hit the keyboard... ZZZZZ.... ZZZZZZZ.... ZZZZZZZZZ.... ZZZZZZZZ...ZZZZZZZZZZZ...

2003-10-20 19:57:04 ET

lol i know the feeling

2003-10-20 19:57:12 ET

ooh ooh by the way...thanks

2003-10-20 22:21:08 ET

all places i haven't been, and want to go, have loads of supa good fun!

2003-10-21 06:37:13 ET

I'll hide you in my suitcase

2003-10-21 11:00:58 ET

Europe is neat...been there done that

2003-10-21 11:23:26 ET

i cant wait to go!

2003-10-21 12:34:33 ET


2003-10-21 15:36:11 ET


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