2005-12-12 05:14:03 ET

finished final

one more left

and waking up to this makes me better.....in more ways i can express

let that son bitch snow!!!

2005-12-12 05:22:47 ET

You are lucky! I wished for snow and all I got was a few damned flakes... and my car door sealed shut with ice.

2005-12-12 07:06:36 ET

I know. I love it! Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

2005-12-12 07:49:41 ET

there's a cold wave coming next week, and instead of preparing for the winter people are rushing to high regions and taking off their clothes. that's how pathetic it gets when you're living in a place where it snow is a big mystery....

2005-12-12 13:15:28 ET

i had no school thanks that god sent snow, hey, lets be friends.

2005-12-12 15:12:44 ET

i wish it would just snow up to my ass crack..... and that would be a deep snow coz im kinda tall

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