2006-08-25 19:33:04 ET

i at a party
where i just feel awkward
im in a room just listing to music

as people are running around having a good time

everything has been going so well here recently
but i want to cry


but i just can never

evryone is drunk but me

Im driving
so i cant drink
till i get home

and im ready
to go home

becuase this is boring

and everyone thinks im being anti-social

im not

just sad

2006-08-25 19:58:08 ET

*hugs* sorry the party was a bummer man, i would liven the party up if i were there :D

2006-08-25 21:05:21 ET

i know how yo feel. ive been in one of those moods before

2006-08-28 06:40:51 ET

i am anti social.

i become to 'loverly' when i drink.

not good.

at least you were being responsible. i'm proud of you.

i want to cry all the time.

yes, ALL the time.

I'm sorry you're sad Brent.


2006-08-28 12:06:11 ET

well when was this ass-pirate? Obviously, I bought Silent Hill and watched it twice again. Ha!

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