I left the city
2009-09-14 22:46:03 ET

I been in New Aiyansh BC.
-picking pine mushrooms
-have purple hair now
-loving up mother nature again

2009-09-14 23:35:11 ET


2009-09-15 08:14:40 ET


i missed ya chic. how's things down south?

2009-09-15 09:04:46 ET

good times.

2009-09-15 15:50:44 ET

It is good to see from you again.

2009-10-06 20:33:52 ET

he he he Gryfin,starting to snow this week, how about there?

2009-10-06 21:57:12 ET

only termination dust

2009-10-07 15:18:54 ET

We're just getting going with Fall colors here.

2009-12-13 12:53:52 ET

You can have the blizzard that dropped 16 inches plus of snow here!

2009-12-14 14:09:36 ET

yup yup I hear you Skav, I just bought a snow plow last week from western plows, gonnna be sledding from the roof soon

2009-12-15 04:37:43 ET

we're actualy a month late on snow here. Last 2 years we had snow by Thanks Giving.

2009-12-15 04:38:48 ET

pictures! how about some !

2010-01-02 11:08:10 ET

I will for sure set sum up soon, any snow 4 u yet

2010-01-02 16:06:12 ET

Been snowing for 2 days. Only added up to bout 6" though. I need it to freeze hard so the neighbor and I can get back into the woods to get more fire wood, it's kinda marshy in spots.

2010-01-03 05:16:55 ET

Started snowing again over night, big fluffy flakes. Moving toward the 10" mark.

2010-01-11 23:21:46 ET

33 inches last month. And another 20 so far this year. With a another storm to hit sat or sunday:P

2010-01-12 05:15:47 ET

We're up to 12" here which proly doesn't seem that much to some of you.

2010-01-15 14:50:27 ET

Yeah snow snow snow snow, glad it is here, kill some pine beetles

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