2006-02-05 21:40:03 ET

Yeah I keep forgetting about this.

My car is crapped out over something stupid and small. The fuel filter. It's old and sediment gathers at the bottom of the tank and has finally (through persistent efforts to run out of gas while driving down the freeway) been sucked up to block the fuel filter. Like someone who's circulation has been cut off, my car goes dead in spots, making for a stuttery drive with lots of flashing of hazards.

I'm being friends with everyone now but only some of them give me benes. Most of all I want benes from Q but I set it all in motion there and I won't get any until I can pull myself together and accept certain borderline unacceptable realities of fact. I feel like a yo-yo and sometimes I think it's not worthwhile but sometimes I think it is. If I could see it as being all his fault, I would bail but since I can't and that's not the case, c'est la vie. [GOT THAT TURBO? C'est. La. Vie.]

I'm pseudo-destitute. My weekly meal budget is for ten Banquet frozen dinners. And maybe some ramen and milk. I definitely need milk because I have piles of cereal. Not good cereal. Cheap cereal.

I got my hair hacked and splurged on new garments that I can't afford but shopping lifts my spirits and I've been bummed and fuck-it it's cheaper than therapy.

No nappy time was had today. So-o sleepy.

2006-02-05 22:31:04 ET

just don't go to montana for shopping unless you want to more than max out your bank account ;-P (what i did)

damn no sales tax...

2006-02-16 21:38:00 ET

you really need to update more ;-P

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