2006-02-16 21:57:01 ET


I hate this cheese background. WTF Turbo?!? I HATE CHEESE!!!
Here. Here is your new entry, damn you.

Boyfriend B hasn't called in awhile. Bastardo. Too busy being a screenwriter, I guess.

I got a commission to paint a siren composite (both bird-like and fish-like features combined in the female form) that will create a nice bit of side cash once I complete it.

I'm continuing to work on the sketches/panels for my composer-friend, Jupiter, and his tracks that he wants to compile in a CD (where my illustrations will be published in the booklet/jacket).

I need to go back to the potrait of my friend Glenn I was working on. So sorry Glenn. I know your momma wants it already.

I desperately want to start making some amigurumi critters and have contemplated participating in the Plushie Contest at deviantART.com.

So much happening these next few weeks.

My new musical love is Kennedy. I'll be seeing his next two shows.

I need to find the art store in my area. I've been living at my new place for three weeks plus now and still haven't found the art store. Art galleries...no art stores...wtf is wrong with this picture?

Most important thing happening is my special day with boyfriend A. I'm looking forward to it, perhaps a little too much. I'm contemplating finding some other people to play/be with who can help me take care of my mostly physical affection needs--but who won't bring drama. Yah, good luck.

I feel by turns exhilirated or dull and stretched thin. There will be no peace.

2006-02-17 01:41:23 ET

pffffft, real artists dont need "art stores"! ;-P

and they don't hate cheese either!

2006-02-17 01:42:44 ET

GAH!! You fuck :P

2006-02-17 01:43:31 ET

i do fuck, from time to time.

this is true.

thank you captain obvious. :-D

2006-02-17 01:44:08 ET

oh, but my name's not gah. i'm sorry.

2006-02-17 01:57:57 ET

2006-02-17 02:11:25 ET

hey, dont bring your mom into this!

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