2006-03-13 02:05:58 ET

I'm working on pieces for the CIA show [California Institute of Abnormalarts] that my friend Syren is producing. Haven't gotten started on the portrait of a siren for Syren yet. Still doing sketches for Jupiter. Still working on the portrait of Glenn for his momma.

I found the art store.

I haven't heard from former boyfriend B. He is a memory of the past now.

I'm working things out with boyfriend A and my ex gf who is also his girlfriend.

Specifically I'm working things out with him to a point where he can trust that I won't leave him again but he can be okay with me seeing and playing with other people. We're constantly figuring shit out and it's exhausting. I've already come to the conclusion with one pair of potential play friends/lovers that it just won't work out at this time because boyfriend A and the male of the other pair are both too controlling and territorial. Blah.


More financial and relationship troubles to come in my next update.

2006-03-13 02:15:44 ET

oh you'll time.




i helped!!!

2006-03-13 04:59:19 ET

why not?

2006-03-13 11:50:07 ET

Ahh, the CIA! I used to go there years ago. Memories!

2006-03-14 02:41:38 ET

epsilon: i am not a gamer nor do i pretend to be NOR do i want to be. also if i was a gamer i'd go with PS, sorry.

Mariko: i've never been, tell me about it. i'm not entirely clear on what it is other than my paintings are wanted there in circus freak and mythical beast themes.

2006-03-14 02:45:40 ET

the playstation was a result of a failed deal with nintendo, you know ;-D

not to mention sony has basically made their way into the gaming market by bastardizing and cloning all of nintendo's ideas d-:

sony = teh suck

2006-03-14 07:57:53 ET

Oedalis: They definitely have an oldtime circus oddity theme there. The decor and some of the features of the venue stick to that pretty strongly. You'll see exhibited items as you enter, a "dead fairy". There used to be a "dead clown"'s grave as well. In the patio they play clips from various old C rate films that are usually offensive to more conservative people in one way or another. The walls inside are striped, I believe. The acts you can catch there vary from your local band to your truly odd and unique acts. There's something like a psychodelic vaudeville element to the place. Hard to describe. But I personally have a circus affinity that lives pretty strongly in me so I loved it.

2006-03-14 20:13:42 ET

oh i dont care, i was just curious.

2006-03-16 19:22:09 ET

Turbo: As I mentioned before, it's not that I think PS is more righteous but the only games I love (and they are few) are PS games. So suck it. :D

Mariko: Great, I think I'll really enjoy displaying my stuff there then. :D Thanks for the description.

epsilon: Ok, cool.

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