3 years later
2009-07-01 14:40:40 ET

I spezify my username and find this old blog that I was never dedicated to but which nevertheless recorded part of an important period in my life. Wowza.

So I am single in spirit, independent in mind and sound in body. Yay, me.

I have pieced myself back together from the wreck of the triad that felt like it ended me back in 2006 and risen above the emotional baggage it left. I have a great place in Long Beach that I love, I have two adorable cats, I have love, I have friends, I have good times.

I still like the idea of updating this about once a month. A better snap-shot of my general state of mind that doesn't get bogged down by the riotously fleeting details of day-to-day crap. We'll see if I stick to that.

Otherwise, if you've happened upon this blog, how are you today and how is that different than how you were today last year?

2009-07-01 16:20:10 ET

wow, nice to see you're still alive and doing well! i miss ya. i'm living in koreatown now, though current on vacation in seattle again. haven't seen you in forever...be nice to hang out sometime.

and yes, you should update this thing more often d-;

2009-07-01 20:41:17 ET


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