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2011-06-21 13:36:12 ET

So what have you been up to?

I moved to Long Beach after I was accepted into a masters program for photography in 2009. I live in a small duplex not in the best part of town, but the beach is just a stones throw away so I don't mind.

I have also been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and towards the end of last year I received my blue belt. I train at a local school here in Long Beach on and off. It is definitely a hard sport to do because it is so male dominated. I have been lifting weights and running my ass off, trying to be in good shape.

Hope everyone else is doing good. I think I joined SK in the late 90s/early 00s.

2011-06-21 16:09:05 ET

you can pm m0x and ask for what twinfusion's exact creation date was if you want. think that stuff is all archived.

i've been up to, well, a shit ton of a lot honestly.

in short; i now live (and have been living in this area for a few years) downtown seattle virtually right across the street from the space needle and also a stone's throw from the gorgeous waterfront here.

have been pursuing djing in the EDM world outside of the industrial/goth realm (thank god). spinning lots of progressive house, electro, tech house, some trance, and whatever-else i can get my hands on and work into a set really. have my sites set on eventually becoming world-known and would love to visit LA in the forseeable future for a gig at the likes of avalon or vanguard; have been rubbing shoulders with a few people who have spun there, and several international names here in seattle.

been also working part-time on a fledgling startup of mine. http://turboarts.com is the website. need to update it.

the past month i've fallen very deeply in love with a lady who moved up here from down there herself.

right now just re-evaluating life again, working on slowing down in effort to actually accomplish more and be a better and more whole internal person before worrying about the other pap.

also really feeling that i could use a steady job outside of all of my artfag pursuits to help supplement those right now. have been running on broke for far too long.

all in all though life is moving in continued peaceful, good, and beautiful directions and i have every intent to continue this.

you ever hear from ian these days?

2011-06-21 22:50:58 ET

Wowzers, welcome back! Love your photography!

2011-06-22 02:22:05 ET

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Long time! Welcome back.

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