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I am an Indiana native, on the last legs of my 30's, married, prior military, and have been an electrician for many years.
I have wandered many paths and taken on various guises over the years......the hair that was once striped blue now contains strands of grey and is cut to an unassuming style, the poet that used to strain at the bonds of conformity now writes mostly checks to the utilities, (sigh) The far-looking being who could read the winds and sense the coming of the storm now relies on CNN and the Weather Channel........
BUT........I STILL think I have a pretty good idea or two about how the universe ought to operate.

 midwife    2007-02-24 16:47:22 ET
On february 6 I recieved a crash course in the meaning of life.
Our pug Mini went into labour and I had to serve as surrogate vet. I had read and read and studied and worried about the delivery procedures (Pugs don't do well on their own)
Somebody out there needs to do an online video download about pet birthing. Words on paper just don't prepare you for the real thing.
She carried 6 pups and we got 4. One was stillborn and never had a chance and the last was probably stilled in the birth canal because it took too long to deliver. Baby 3 was the runt and made it 2 days with 24 hour care and bottle feeding before she gave up around 4 am, curled up in the crook of my arm........she just went away gently....I was thankful for that.
If you decide to breed dogs, be prepared, losing 15% of a litter is common but when you are the one delivering and clening and preparing it's a lot more real than numbers.
I still feel like I failed becuse I lost three of six.
It is a beautiful, scary and heartbreaking thing all at the same time.
The 3 pups (1 boy, 2 girls) are doing great...getting fat, eyes open.......
It just really strikes you how fragile things are.
I wouldn't trade that experience for the world, even the painful can be 40 years old and still have your eyes knocked open.............Isn't that wild?

 Oh Dear............    2006-11-08 16:56:41 ET
Nancy Pelosi is now 3rd in line of succession to the presidency.

Sleep well, everyone!!!!!!
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 Abu Ayyud al-Masri    2006-09-28 15:27:24 ET
Well, well............
al-Qaida's new Iraqi boss is now openly soliciting for scientists to help with producing and providing biologic and radiologic weapons............

I listen everyday to the democrats and liberals and whiners bitch about everything from our policies on interrogation to granting terrorists more rights than convicted felons........
WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!! Damn you, these people WANT TO KILL US !!!!!!!!! they aren't interested in peace or being left alone.....we are not going to come to a truce with these Islamic radicals.....never.
The main body of the Muslim faith is peaceful and rational, they are our neighbors and co-workers, but these guys are different.....I do not advocate a blanket hatred for Islam, these groups should not even be referred to as Muslim, it's an insult to those who believe in life and growth through their faith.........
They are terrorists and thugs and just plain old NUTS. There will be no rational dialogues, treaties or appeasements.....they will never tone down to that level to even discuss such things.
I am, at heart a pacifist, but deep inside I know the truth.....just like the inner Nazi core and the regimes of Pol Pot, and countless pocket dictatorships in the third world......some people just need to be eliminated.
When you reach a state where human life has no value and are willing to sacrifice innocents for some insane beliefs, you forfeit those same rights for yourself..........eye for an eye........the only way to deal with this is with the same mindset......destroy the enemy.
Compassion and restraint are options that are no longer is time to take the fight to them......
The first thing you do with a bully is bust his fucking nose, then when he's down teach him a thing or two about the way things ought to work.

I hope I didn't offend any of you with my rant, but if I did, I hope it won't take a backpack nuke deployed in our country to swing your view my way.

I hope we can stop what's coming, one way or the other.

 CRUNCH    2006-08-29 12:43:33 ET
I managed to get my left foot caught beneath the outrigger of a 28,000 lb bucket truck friday. These mechanical legs are capable of lifting the entire vehicle off the ground.
I DO NOT recommend making this mistake of not being aware of your limbs and their proximity to hydraulic rams.
I go tomorrow to the orthopod to learn the full extent of the damage.
I would like to tell everyone I was brave and strong, but the truth is, a note of that volume and pitch is usually attained by a member of the Castrati !!!!!!!!!

Watch your feet, lads and lasses.........