2006-08-29 12:43:33 ET

I managed to get my left foot caught beneath the outrigger of a 28,000 lb bucket truck friday. These mechanical legs are capable of lifting the entire vehicle off the ground.
I DO NOT recommend making this mistake of not being aware of your limbs and their proximity to hydraulic rams.
I go tomorrow to the orthopod to learn the full extent of the damage.
I would like to tell everyone I was brave and strong, but the truth is, a note of that volume and pitch is usually attained by a member of the Castrati !!!!!!!!!

Watch your feet, lads and lasses.........

2006-08-29 12:44:56 ET

good luck.

2006-08-29 12:49:28 ET

Jesus Christ. I hope your foot won't need too much therapy.

2006-08-29 12:54:03 ET

The swelling is down some and I can sort of hobble along a bit, so I hope I got really lucky and didn't mess it up too bad.

2006-08-29 15:29:38 ET

I work around hydraulic devices a fair amount myself, it can be damn creepy to have someone working or putting his hands where I can't see.

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