2004-01-16 05:37:36 ET

they tell me i have to start using this or they'll take it away. we'll see how that goes.

2004-01-16 06:05:26 ET

shoot that kitten!

2004-01-16 06:06:07 ET

Welcome to the asylum, please don't feed the inmates.

2004-01-16 06:07:08 ET

haha, nice icon thingy. And welcome.

2004-01-16 06:13:47 ET

wekcome to the club or something....

you'll learn the secret handshake once you prove your alligence : P

2004-01-16 06:30:33 ET

There's a handshake!?!

::cries in a corner::

2004-01-16 06:37:28 ET


2004-01-16 07:08:55 ET

yeah, it happens that way.

welcome, in any case. ;)

2004-01-16 07:14:27 ET

rawkin avatar

2004-01-16 07:16:04 ET

Well, the avatar alone was just adorable and twisted enough for me to stop by with a hello and a welcome. I'm considerably obsessed with the picture now. Perhaps I might ask for an e-mailable copy? lol.

2004-01-16 07:25:26 ET


2004-01-16 07:29:52 ET

HAHAHAHA nice avatar that how my cat reacts to guns too it just attacks em... i wonder if its suicidal... yes welcome

2004-01-16 07:32:46 ET

It look like it want to play with it...

2004-01-16 07:34:52 ET

cats are strange little creatures sometimes i even find em playing with my knives

2004-01-16 07:39:06 ET


2004-01-16 11:31:19 ET

thats why they should be TERMINATED

2004-01-16 14:20:08 ET

hello, and please shoot the kitti... im awfully hungry, and bbq sounds nice.

2004-01-17 20:22:03 ET

Looks like the gun is a squirt gun so the kitten's reaction is to swipe at the water gun.

2004-01-20 13:23:00 ET

thanks everyone. that's rather swell of you all.

2004-01-20 13:50:09 ET

So is all of this interesting enough for you or are you contemplating allowing sk to delete your account?

2004-01-21 08:22:29 ET

hmmmm that is a rather interesting point a bunch of people just suddenly appear outta the woodwork and comment on the kitti pic lol im not sure what i woulda done lol

2004-01-25 05:14:40 ET

Aww the kitty is cute don't shoot it :(

Welcome to SK, it's lots of fun for inane ramblings.

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