as the words dribbled off of its chin...
2004-01-20 13:38:15 ET

so i'm thinking maybe i should just use this journal in a completely opposite way from how i use my other online journal and then perhaps i'll actually write in it every once in a while. as in, i could actually talk about all the mundane bullshit that co-authors this existence.

my roommate got a d.u.i. last night. this being after she was pulled over by another cop a couple of weeks ago whilst being thoroughly trashed, slurring, having spilled a drink all over the inside of her car during the officer's interrogation and even dropping her i.d. as she handed it to the cop and being unable/too drunk to retrieve it so that the cop had to make her get out of the vehicle and stand by the trunk while he rescued it from underneath her seat. after all of that, it turned out that the dmv was down at the time and so all she got was a warning to drive slower (which still doesn't make any sense, i mean, shouldn't the cop have done SOMETHING regardless considering how inebriated she was??). well anyway, she apparently didn't learn her lesson from that little encounter and last night she didn't get off so easily. sucks for her.
some people should just learn how to take a hint/not push their luck/not behave as if consequences don't exist.

in other news, the best friend i have that still lived in my hometown moved in with us last week. one happy girl this makes me.
and my last semester of undergrad started today. i'm taking a grad course under the director of the program to which i applied for grad school this fall. from the looks of this course, grad school is gonna be as difficult and time consuming as everyone has always said. fuck. i was really hoping everyone was wrong. will this mean i'll have to actually become a good student to keep my 4.0? whatever shall our tragic heroine do....

2004-01-20 14:02:33 ET

Damn she was lucky! Yeah youd think she'd learn a lesson... guess she has to now.

P.S. your avatar is awesome, did you take it?

2004-01-20 14:05:10 ET

sucks to hear about kim. it was bound to happen. how was your first day of class?

2004-01-20 14:19:10 ET

sucks for her, my uncle had a d.u.i...and he couldnt go to court for some reason, cuz he'd be goin to jail and he left to mexico, ha...but yeah..i say you yell at her

2004-01-20 14:21:06 ET

... my dad got a D.U.I.... like less than a block away from our house... it sucked.

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