2004-01-25 05:08:30 ET

fuck this stupid shit. today's the only chance i have all week to sleep in. i crawl into bed, drunk, at about 5:30 this morning...and then wake up at 9?? what kind of sick joke is this?
today i wanna go look at tattoo parlors and, more specifically, the tattoos within them. not that i'd ever pick a piece off of a wall, but i could use some inspiration. the anticipated snow might ruin all chances of that happening regardless. i'll forgive that so long as school is cancelled tomorrow.
sleep, how dare you thwart me yet again. fucking ridiculous.

2004-01-25 05:18:04 ET

It's not SOO bad picking off the wall. But youre right its better inspiration than anything....

2004-01-25 07:53:08 ET


2004-01-25 23:25:16 ET

Where are you going to get the tatoo one day? Arm, leg, or back?

2004-01-26 01:14:25 ET

i'd get it on the curve of my shoulder.

2004-01-26 01:19:31 ET

Get one that wraps around part of your shoulder and neck! It'd look bad ace!

2004-01-26 06:10:04 ET

what i REALLY need is help figuring out exactly what i want to get....

2004-01-26 06:17:31 ET

well what do you like? Toons, comics, skulls, demons/angels, neekide people? Personly I would like to have a snake or dragon on my right arm.

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