2004-03-08 05:30:32 ET

well, my pc has officially died so who knows how much i'll be around from now on. i'm in the library at school right now. i actually came to campus an hour early so i could get one of these really delicious st. pat's menthe choc coffees from the globalizing whore that is starbucks (it's not enough that there's one on every block--they have to have one inside the damn library, too) as i caught up online, but then i got here and realized that i left my wallet at home. doubleplusfuck.

anydamnway. what's been up, what's been up?...trying to cram in the whole semester's worth of work at the last moment. this week is midterms, i've got thesis papers and things of the like due, so i'm busybusybusy (at least in theory--we all know i'm spending the majority of my time loafing around my house and hanging out with my friends, right? right). then after this final week of torture it's spring break. hell yes. i need this. there are two shows this weekend in danville; both the bands of my best friends there are playing. i've got to work saturday so i'll miss the one friday night, but i'll be there in time to rock out to the cd release party of the voxals ( so fun times, that. then i'll probably do a week of way too much alcohol and whatever other vices i can get my hands on followed up by my first sky diving experience on the last day of spring break. that's gonna be some craziness.

oh, and in other fun news: looks like my darling leviticus and i are going to be promoting a party! like, fo'real. we talked to our friend mac who owns mccormicks and he's agreed to let us throw a theme party at his bar. we're going to get a couple of bands to play, do a fuckload of promoting and then mac will reap the benefits of however much alcohol attendees buy and levit and i will get all money made at the door. how dope will it be if we pull this off well? very.

the only other fun thing i can think of to mention is that i cut my hair into a mohawk and dyed it. i got bored with the stopsign red bob layered over black. if i knew how to post pics i would, but alas....

2004-03-16 11:45:22 ET

im mad at you inglet! you came to d-ville and didnt let me know! I was gonna go to the voxals show but no one else really wanted to go so I didnt. Anyway I need your address so I cant send you guys a letter since I cant rarely get online these days. Also for your rockin party you are gonna throw go to heavy rebel message board cuz i know quite a few bands that would love to play that show tell em nickey or bloodythrall told ya bout them. cant rememebr all the names but i know bands like the screws, the little white pills, the goons, jimmy and the teasers, possibly even alphabet bombers shit theres tons on the the heavy rebel messahe board so just go =p

2004-03-22 08:23:43 ET

nickey, i'm mad at YOU cause you called my house and didn't even talk to me! levit hogged you the whole time, that skeezy slut. anyway, i'm gonna try to give you a call soon-like, but you know how much i suck at picking up the phone. love ya, dude. hope we can hang out sometime soon.

2004-03-30 12:44:19 ET

hehe tis all forgiven i gues but yeh you should call sometime +P and next time you are in town drop by my house i dotn care if you bring your boos and etc =P

2004-03-31 11:19:34 ET

totally. this might be sooner than you think; i believe marc & pants & i are gonna be in town this weekend. i'm gonna try to give you a call tonight. MUCH LOVE.

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