2004-04-01 06:55:30 ET

more car troubles: i got my best friend/roommate/auto repair woman extroidinaire to work on my car some. after taking many, many things apart and laying pieces of my car on egg crate foam mats all over the backyard and beating my car's metal down with a hammer, she was able to rig it so that i can open the driver side door just enough to slide into the front seat. anything else i wish to have on me, bookbags, whatever, has to be loaded through the other side of the car. but whatever, i can at least get in the car. i also taped a faux mirror over the broken one and hoped to move on from my tragic wreck. but then yesterday, on my way to school, my emergency brake lights and anti-lock brake lights on my dash came on. i continued to drive around town with my breath held, hoping the brakes weren't going to give at any moment to send me spiraling into a certain death trap for myself and/or others. then on my way home last night i passed a place on broad st. advertising free brake inspections.

so i got another one of my roommates to come with me this morning to go by that place and have my brakes checked out. turns out that i have NO back brakes and haven't ever since the purchase of my car. and since my front brakes have been left to do all the work, they are completely burned out and shredded apart. the repair guy actually burned himself on them when he took my tires off and when he showed what was left of them to me, they were still smoking. pretty much, i have no idea how my car was braking at all. so i have to have my back brakes replaced and everything on my front brakes have to be replaced except one part which will cost me $400. what a fucking suck. i'm so broke right now, it's pitiful. i only make like $200 every other week at my work study job and i just had to spend my entire paycheck for the next two weeks to cover bills that my aforementioned mechanic roommate couldn't pay so that our power and water wouldn't be cut off AGAIN. so here i am trying to figure out how to get food for the next couple of weeks and now i've got to figure out where i'm gonna get $400 as well. plus i have to have this baby fixed immediately cause i'm going out of town tomorrow--oh yes, which will cost even MORE money.

whatever. i officially withdraw myself from this system of capitalism.

that said--i'm willing to take donations. anyone wanna give me money? please?

2004-04-05 11:42:00 ET

Cars suck, but I don't have any money to give you. I drive an 85 volvo that's rusting to dust beneath my bottom as I drive it. No, I do not have money, but you have my condolences, and a word of advice, never buy an American car.

2004-04-07 08:06:55 ET

yeh...i feel ya. mine's american, too, but it was all i could afford, so what can a gal do?

2004-04-07 10:06:44 ET

Sell your body?

2004-04-08 12:22:35 ET

that seriously becomes a more and more viable option with each passing day....

although i'm thinking i'd enjoy pimping more.

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