hold your breath no more
2004-04-15 10:30:37 ET

here are some links to some of the promo shots from our upcoming burlesque show. once again, the info:

may 15th, 10pm
mcormack's irish pub on 18th st. in the shockoe bottom of richmond, va
2 bands: the voxals and the drama queens
a burlesque show: sex, scandal, mayhem, murder
$5, 21&up
brought to you by excuse us for thinking inc.




if those don't work, try this:

2004-04-15 10:34:22 ET

you should use photobucket to host the pics.....cause I can't see them

2004-04-15 10:37:48 ET

see if that added link works for you. if not, i'll try to fuck around with this more later.

2004-04-15 10:38:14 ET

it works!

So I've got to drive to Richmond for this....hmmm...

....I like McCormack's...but...it's 2400 miles away...

2004-04-15 10:40:58 ET

have you been there before? where are you located?

you should come regardless...we'll make it worth your while.

2004-04-15 10:42:02 ET

I'm in Los Angeles....I was living in Woodbridge (Near Falls Church) less than a year ago and we use to take frequent trips to Richmond.....

2004-04-15 12:20:53 ET

my richmond women are so hawwt! I really wish I could make it up for the show but i wont be able to hope you guys have fun and hey want more ppl to come be sure to post it on the hrw message board since theres so many richmond/d.c. ppl on teh board ..anyway *coughs* still awaiting my letter lol =P

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