same ol'
2004-04-20 13:57:01 ET

sitting at the library again, having just completed a MARVELOUS presentation on prostitution for my deviance seminar. i know all there is to know about hos, yo.

um, don't guess i really have much to say. i just drank a disgusting cup of vending machine coffee, extra strong, but i still feel drained. sleeping more than 2-3 hours a night would probably help. i'll have to consider that.

there's a chance that we will be adding a sixth roommate to the legendary house of pain shortly, but i don't want to say more about that for fear of jinxing and other forms of superstitions that i totally don't believe in anyway.

okay, i'm wasting your time and mine. later.

2004-05-09 18:53:05 ET

who's the lucky punkateer?

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