well hung and snow white tan
2004-05-17 09:55:15 ET


i got that summer job, so maybe i'll be able to afford living this summer after all. i'm at this place called mad science. it's basically the same job i've done at the museum for the past two years teaching interactive science classes to kids. so it should go pretty decently.

the burlesque show has come and gone and was a fabulous success. both bands did a stellar job and the audience went apeshit for our show. afterwards i got a thousand compliments, offers for free drinks, insistances that we have another burlesque show and even a long stemmed red rose from some chick. from what i can remember of the after party that we threw, that was fun too. we all passed out at about 7am and by the time i got out of bed at noon, all our houseguests had exited the scene.

and then after that, this being yesterday, my father drove up here to pick me up and he and i went and saw MR. DAVID FUCKING BOWIE play at george mason. hotdamn, was it ever excellent. considering i've had a crush on bowie since i saw him in labyrinth back when i was too young to even be in school, it was quite exciting to finally see him. he's been my dad's favorite musician since he was a highschooler, so i was glad to have been able to hook him up with a ticket so that he could finally see him play, too. he played an awesome set, selections from just about every album with fun stage lights and theatrics and it went on for two and a half hours. he was really fucking charming, too. he laughs like a bell bursting and is witty and clever and silly and sexy as sin (how can a 56 year old man still look so good?). ah, yes. the love is real.

and that brings me to today, i guess. still haven't gotten any adequate sleep since exams started about three weeks ago and i'm exhausted, eyeing that bed and contemplating a nap. today was my first day of work at my new job and the rest of the day will be reserved for laundry, cleaning my bedroom and getting in a few more hours at the museum before my services there are no longer needed.

my life is pretty okay right now. now if only things could somehow work out for the people i love who are having an especially rough time, i'd be without complaints.

2004-05-17 11:13:25 ET

that burlesque show was some hot shit... and so was the afterparty. vanessa though all of you were pretty cool and hopes to hang out in a less chaotic situation next time.

2004-05-22 16:21:02 ET

David Bowie was very fancy in Labyrinth.
That movie scared the caca out of me.

2004-05-24 14:53:58 ET

ah, yes.
and let us not forget the white cock pants!!

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