even violence is no fun today
2004-05-22 15:02:24 ET

it's nice to be able to feel bored for once. quite the change. but at the same time, i'm sick of it for today so i'm going to finally fold up my laundry and work on presents for certain deserving friends.

today was vcu graduation and i did not attend. most people seem so surprised that i don't want to wear some tidy dress i'd otherwise not be caught dead in underneath a big nylon robe and stupid square shaped hat out in the hot sun waiting around while people make boring speeches and slowly get called up to the stage just so some superior faculty member can hand me a blank piece of paper that symbolizes the piece of paper that symbolizes that i graduated. i hate ceremonies. the fact that i got to quit going to class last tuesday is closure enough for me.

i will, however, be attending my buddy's graduation party tonight. my old roommate from radford, kimbo, is gonna be in town which means that the drunkeness and giddiness are inevitable. i really love that chick. then tomorrow our pal mac, who owns the bar that hosted our show last weekend, is having a pig pickin'. picking pigs isn't exactly in line with my vegetarian lifestyle, but the grilled veggies and free beer appeal to me plenty.

speaking of our show, a connection contacted us earlier today with an offer to perform our show again down in the norfolk area. we are all very stoked. the show kicked so much ass that we're dying to do it again anyway and this time without any of the technical difficulties. the only major suck is that jodi, who was a very central character in the show, moved far, far away yesterday so we need someone to fill in her spot. wish us luck with that one.

i guess that's about all that's going on. i went and saw the business play this tuesday and that was pretty fun (while it lasted). next weekend the voxals are playing a show at the temple and i'll be going into town anyway to a) hopefully see my girl nickey and to b) ring in my dawg melanie's 21st.

ah, yes. the drunken fun of summer.

2004-05-26 05:03:06 ET

drunken and summer... better combination than pizza and beer.

2004-05-26 13:15:19 ET

fuck yes.

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