2004-06-07 11:19:39 ET

so, what's been going on? i've settled nicely into a summertime ritual of sleeping in, going to work, coming home and getting wasted with my roommates, having great sex and passing out. it's swell. only thing that sucks is that my part-time hours at work are being upgraded so "sleeping in" means getting up at 9am for the next three weeks and then after that, i'll have to be up by 6-7am for the rest of the summer. suck. but at least my job's been going well. today was my first day of training for teaching summer camp classes, so i basically got paid to build and launch rockets, create electron fields and fabricate lightning all day. fun stuff.

speaking of fun stuff: this past thursday was my boy's birthday. i got him a porn pin of a girl tonguing a clit, a pair of nice, impossible to escape leather bondage handcuffs, a twelve pack of heineken (which was the first decent beer i've bought since i turned 21 back on halloween--i only ever buy the cheapest for myself), and then i baked him a cake. the cake was probably my favorite part (okay, maybe not--i'm really enjoying those bondage cuffs). it was butter fudge with butter cream icing, but best of all, i decorated it by drawing a big dick in pink icing and writing "9.5'...and growing!" on it. that opened up many avenues for fun remarks about swallowing down tasty cock. what a sweet girlfriend i am. well, i have my moments at least.

um...nothing much else has been going on, really. we've still been unable to find a replacement for one of our girls for our burlesque show on july 24th. so, if you or anyone you know live in the richmond area and are interested in participating in a fun, raunchy burlesque show, contact me! my partner and i have also begun mapping out our next burlesque show, which will be a sordid and sexed up version of a rock'n'roll high school. we're going to have slutty cheerleaders, bondage quarterbacks, girls' locker rooms, very bouncy pillow fights, cat fights, etc. it shall kick utmost ass.

i guess that's it, really. hm.

2004-06-07 12:27:09 ET

you gotta let me know the date of the burlesque show in norfolk. mmmmmm.... buttery cock cake... you really know how to make a boy feel appreciated... lol.

2004-06-07 17:53:14 ET

july 24th, fool, as stated above.

and yes, cock cake is delicious. as is cock in general.

2004-06-07 18:27:47 ET

true dat.

2004-06-22 16:05:28 ET

Fucking awesome birthday!

Being a good girlfriend isn't all that hard anymore, as long as one knows how to make the boy feel special... right?

Hope you have fun with the show!

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