if you focus very hard the train will come for you at last
2004-07-20 10:41:35 ET

sitting at my desk, still sticky from all day outdoor rocket launching at work even though that ended three and a half hours ago. been running errands like a madwoman (mad scientist?) and now that i'm sitting still, i'm remembering all the things i've forgotten to do and kicking myself, hard and repeatedly.

our next show is this saturday in norfolk at this place called relative theory. it's all about half naked girls, sex, scandal, murder and rock'n'roll. if you're in the area, you should come out...if you're into that kind of thing.

we've also got our third burlesque show booked which will be in charlottesvile on august 7th at the tokyo rose. C'MON OUT.

agenda for the day:

take nap.
call neighbor and plea for help concerning tech shit for the show (i really should've done this part sooner).
work on said show.
boy comes home from work --> molest viciously.
shower with said boy.
beer, beer, beer.
pass out.

also: the rapture is so my shit right now. very excited about seeing them open for the cure (!!!) in two and a half short weeks. yay.

2004-07-20 13:37:18 ET

tokyo rose in norfolk? don't you mean charlottesville? any chance i have to call you on something... i take.

2004-07-20 18:12:32 ET

yup. that's what i mean.

2004-07-20 21:52:42 ET

drunk.... damn.... that happens quick.

2004-07-21 11:43:06 ET

that's always fun. you should come get drunk with us sometime.

2004-07-21 14:12:37 ET

i need to. maybe this weekend... i'm poor until friday. i went to karaoke last night and kept getting shots placed in front of me... of course i couldn't insult anyone by passing them up.

2004-07-22 11:47:23 ET

of course.
hey, our girl stephanie (the newbie in our show) wants to know if you will hook her up on a nose piercing. dunno what you're doing tonight (as in thurs.) but she's having a party at her place if you wanna come and maybe do it then. if not then, then some other time?

2004-07-22 12:45:13 ET

i would, but i need to order more jewelry first... i've got one 14 guage 5/8 captive bead ring.

2004-07-22 15:52:58 ET

oh, pooh. i'll let her know. how long does it take to order and receive new jewelry? she might still be interested.

2004-07-22 17:33:33 ET

it takes about 2 weeks... but apparently she has jewelry according to ramone... so i'll see you at the party

2004-07-23 09:50:58 ET

awwwwuh, you pierced a (very) drunk person!! you bad, bad person you!

2004-07-23 10:20:44 ET

i know i know.... i broke my own rule... but that was her call.

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