2005-02-02 08:22:29 ET

why must the 7 seconds, AKA one of my favorite punk bands of all time, tour with kill your idols, which i also enjoy immensely, yet choose to come within my proximity on the same day that i am leaving for the bahamas so that i cannot bask in all their glory??? goddammit.

it doesn't help that i'm sick as shit with some kind of cold/flu, am missing way too much work and class, and am spending the days being lonely, emo and feeling sorry for myself.

even i am tired of hearing my bitching.

2005-02-02 09:48:34 ET

sucks about the bands. but your avatar is prolly one of the funniest pictures i've ever saw.

2005-02-02 18:19:54 ET


2005-02-04 15:28:19 ET

hello my little inglet i miss you so much figured i would say hey since i got a chance to get online anyway much luv to you and the others

2005-02-04 23:43:42 ET

awww, we miss you too dude. are you guys still gonna have a party sometime? oh, did you hear that danzig is touring again?? i know you're super busy being a mommy but it'd be fucking awesome if you guys could get a babysitter and come out for that show!! love ya, man.

2005-02-05 08:44:57 ET

yeh im still gonna have the party whenever we get the house straight with you know posters and pictures and suchg hung up. oh and we are now thinking of possibly doing the party 80's early 90's themed i mean come on whats more fun than acid washed jeans,culture club, new kids on the block and some hairspray hahaha ohh and no i had no clue danzig was touring i would like to go but we'll have to see. Akso Mr Billy Idol is touring to promote his new cd but so far none near us *sigh*

2005-02-07 16:32:51 ET

haha, that's a GREAT party theme, dude! we're having a party soon, also -- it was supposed to have been on the last saturday of this month but we've been slackasses about getting invites done and out so we'll probably postpone it till either the 1st or 3rd weekend of march (twat and i shall be in the BAHAMAS the 2nd weekend!!!). its theme is gonna be heaven&hell & you'll totally get an invite once we finally make them. =P

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