gun + gun = bang bang bang!
2005-03-07 18:14:54 ET

it is 11:15pm and i am just now starting on the 20 page research methods project that is due tomorrow.

this is academic suicide.

2005-03-07 18:22:18 ET

no kidding

2005-03-07 19:29:09 ET

you're a soc. student, right? Ah, research methods, how I remember thee.

2005-03-08 07:24:14 ET

girl you crazy.

2005-03-09 13:16:36 ET

sociology student, yup.

and yes, i am crazy/stupid.

BUT! i did turn it in on time and i think i'll get a pretty decent grade. i'm a shitty student but i'm an expert bullshitter.

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