work sucks but not as bad as unemployment
2003-11-08 15:36:51 ET

I've been in training for the last few days on how to break into cars. Yep, that's right boys and girls, i'm going to be one of those people who comes out and gets to play "gone in 60 seconds" when you lock your keys in your car. well, the occasional tire change or jump start comes up, or once in a while someone who ran out of gas.

So far, i've been trained in fords. did an f-150, a taurus, a ranger, an explorer, and a thunderbird. i've also broke into my jeep cherokee to the point where i can break into it in under a min. next we move on to gm, and then i can't wait untill we get to foriegn and high-end cars.

Bonus! LMAO, my manager specificaly told me: "blowjobs are tips only, not a form of payment". With a manager that can be that easy going, it can't be all bad.


2003-11-08 15:45:25 ET

wow, that is a good manager. i just got a job this past week, and im training.. its not that cool though.. i want a cool job..

2003-11-08 17:18:45 ET

your manager rocks.

2003-11-08 18:52:12 ET

What kind of job did you get?

Your post reminded me of an old joke, but it's a littlle gross.

2003-11-08 18:52:27 ET

Do tell.

2003-11-08 18:54:23 ET

What did the leper say to the prostitute?

2003-11-08 18:57:14 ET


2003-11-08 18:58:45 ET

keep the tip.

2003-11-08 18:59:54 ET



2003-11-08 19:04:51 ET

told you it was nasty..

2003-11-08 19:06:21 ET

it's amusing.

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