general pouting
2003-11-11 18:40:09 ET

well, breaking into cars is fun, and i certianly don't mind riding around all day... but... my jeep doesn't have a/c (and yes, it's still sweltering here down in florida); or a tape deck or anything, and the stations around here suck, not to mention it's all talk in the mornings anyway.

and yeah, i'm a nocturnal person by nature.. this getting up early shit doesn't ride too well. shit, even the sun gets to sleep in later than i do.

ok, done now, must sleep for another early day.. ick

(Oh, and i found out that there has been a major dent put in my potential social life.. more on that later)


2003-11-11 23:41:33 ET


2003-11-12 07:11:52 ET

You whine to much! But I still wuv you!

2003-11-12 21:01:03 ET

getting up early is evil. EEEEEVIL. The only benefit is a bit of extra sunshine in the retinas, but I'm sure that's overrated.

poop on the social life dent.

2003-11-13 18:14:19 ET

ya, i lived in FL the radio sucks there/

2003-12-02 10:34:54 ET

Hey, we just had a decent cold front. Alright, so 65 is a BIG relief, haha. Agreed, radio here sucks. That's why I loooove CDs. muahahaha.

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