killing time, sharing old catharsis
2004-01-27 14:01:53 ET

(title to remain confidential)

How I look back to those summers long ago.... Summers when we frolicked together like innocent children, so free from our usual worries, acting our age for such a short time.

All too soon my bliss would be cut short, leaving me once again hopelessly alone, and wracked with despair.

I fancied myself cursed. Surely others my age were allowed childhood for more than just a handful of brief moments every few years. To be exposed to her radiance and then go without for so long was sheer torment. A state resembling that of a prisoner allowed only to see sunlight for a brief time each year.

So precious are my memories of our time together... Trying to hide from everyone, watching movies, skinny-dipping, staying up all night talking, sharing our dreams....

Yes, I was truly cursed. The curse of having your dreams come true, but being shortsighted in your wish. I had wished only for happiness and intimacy, never including the clause that it mustn't be fleeting.

The same salty, hot tears flow as when I thought of her then; crying myself to sleep, every contour of her face still fresh in my mind.

The same jagged sobs come, though those summers, and our youthful innocence has long faded.


2004-01-27 16:26:34 ET

o0 Nicely worded. Yeah youth is quite fun...

2004-01-27 16:57:50 ET

...depends on your youth.

2004-01-27 18:46:51 ET

yet again ... nummy

2004-01-27 19:24:19 ET

nice, i like it, the words and the illustration. :-)

2004-01-28 06:04:12 ET

Fun? I don't know about that... more of a struggle so stay alive, for myself anyway. Though, i do chalk all of it up to simple 'work hazzards', being a Poet/Hopeless Romantic; seems to me just part of the job description. See my next post for a more in-depth description, heh.

2004-01-29 08:56:09 ET

Samson, luvvy, you don't look so hot.

2004-02-03 14:57:30 ET

yeah, well it was probably taken just before dawn, and i was going on like almost 48hrs without sleep, but thanks anyway for the wonderful compliment.

2004-02-03 14:59:45 ET

*whimper* Well I love you and I have told you repleatedly that you're very attractive, but I meant that you looked HAGGARD, you big tart!

2004-02-05 15:31:43 ET


2004-02-05 15:41:01 ET


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