...a piece is written, but no catharsis comes....
2005-06-27 16:52:45 ET

For "V" -

Oh, How she came to me in my hour of need.
An Angel, more radient than the hot Florida sun.
My anxiousness had once again turned itself into the old familiar melancholy,
But as I saw her aproach, my heart overflowed with ecstacy and warmpth.
The cold, fierce blizzard in my Soul ceased to rage.

Things were so beautiful then, in the begining.
We were like the Universal and Eternal Lovers.
Consumed and contented, in each other's embrace.

Then, it seemed to happen in a flash:
Try as I might, with all my will, to stop it,
The tension began, the uneasiness, the strife, the heated exchanges.
How I struggled to fight the stemming Tide,
The torrent that would soon overwhelm me.

Now, I sit here, once again, much like she first found me.
Most of all, alone.

The whole while my Soul cries out for her.
My Angel, for whom my Love has never diminshed.

2005-06-28 04:03:41 ET

sounds like every relationship ive ever been in.. i love your poems.

2005-06-28 21:15:45 ET

Oh how you flatter me..... not that i deserve it, mind you.

2005-06-29 06:32:32 ET

you do too deserve it.. poetry is an art and it should be seen as one. if i were actually good i'd write some..

2005-06-29 08:16:55 ET

It has nothing to do with talent, or being "good", and everything to do with either 'Capturing the Mood', or simply being a Vehicle for the Muse to write THROUGH you!

2005-06-30 07:54:05 ET

i understand completely.. i guess im just always critical of my work.. thats why i stick to photography. u ever seen my deviant art page?

2005-06-30 09:52:50 ET

No, I can't say that I have.... ..and yes, I LOVE photography, but being poor prevents me from indulging in it. Can't afford a digital camera, or the high price of film and development for an old-fassioned.

At least I can find scrap paper anywhere, and pens are cheap.
[LOL, mine isn't, but then again I was lucky enough to be given a 'Mont-Blanc' for a present, and even though it's just a basic style, it still runs close to a Grand, (Hell! They make pens that cost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars!!!) so it's my baby!]

2005-06-30 14:03:25 ET

wow, i cant beleive there are pens that cost that much! it must be like the best pen ever!

i am poor too, but luckily i have a brother who loves me who bought my 400$ Kodak digital camera and i got a free copy of Photoshop 8.0.. haha.

Death In Pink

2005-06-30 20:31:59 ET

Hey, if your laywer saved you 10 million on your divorse settlement, you can afford to go out and spend $500,000 on a pen for a "thank you"... lol

2005-07-01 03:57:19 ET


2005-07-01 10:45:44 ET

Hey, such is the South Florida mentality. LOL

2005-07-01 12:32:14 ET

its like that here in atlanta too.. all these like 16 yr old girls buy 1000$ purses with daddys money

2005-07-01 15:02:00 ET

heh, try growing up never being more than 10 miles away from the Island of Palm Beach! It doesn't really get more elite than that.

2005-07-01 17:39:24 ET


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