..is this odd...
2005-08-30 21:32:59 ET

...at the moment the two things that I have a craving for is Beer and Chocolate, and Chocolate is winning out!! LOL!

2005-08-31 04:55:52 ET

yay chocolate!

2005-08-31 05:39:40 ET

yay beer!

2005-08-31 06:07:47 ET

ive been seeing these commercials lately for red stripe... HOORAY BEER! soda won me out and ive got booze in the house. wine even, and you know how much i love my wine!! hmm... and chocolate...

2005-08-31 06:48:00 ET

I only eat chocolate 1 time a month... and if you're female you know when that is.. and when its that time.. I eat snickers like you wouldn't believe.

2005-08-31 07:32:02 ET

i dont get cravings or pain or moodiness, its just an irritation. i love my chocolate anytime. my body has been craving it for the past some odd months, ALL-THE-TIME!!

2005-08-31 15:22:19 ET


2005-08-31 18:33:08 ET

I'm just a chocolate junkie....

2005-09-02 08:38:18 ET

I wonder if they would taste horrific together...

most things taste like shit with beer.

2005-09-02 08:52:46 ET

except pizza. pizza rocks with beer. :D

2005-09-02 08:56:14 ET

does it really? I've yet to try.

anything more enticing?

2005-09-02 08:57:35 ET

O.o... ummm... beer and .... nope, pizza is about it

2005-09-02 09:00:31 ET

damnit. I wish something like... shit, I dont know, anything else went with beer.

AHA! sex and beer.

...but that doesn't work either...

I guess there is nothing. :(

2005-09-02 09:01:16 ET

sex and beer is good. Theres few kinds of sex better than drunken sloppy sex.

2005-09-02 09:15:54 ET

awkward friend- sex

2005-09-02 09:18:17 ET

ive yet to have pizza and beer together too. drunken sex could be nice, but i think i said i would have none of that anytime soon. i lie to myself all the time.

2005-09-02 10:49:06 ET

oh, yeah, drunken sex is nice, but I was talking about beer and sex together... It would be a bit hard to drink while doing the deed. I dont think I'd want to do it anyways. I'd usually be too into it.

If I'm not having good sex, then I am not having sex.


2005-09-02 11:14:26 ET

well there goes half the sex ive had in my life..

2005-09-02 12:45:32 ET


well, every time can't be good, but you can try and make it better, and if that doesn't work you should just stop.
no questions.

2005-09-03 11:21:48 ET

ive tried to make it better. cant complain, ive had my share of good. but i have a problem with stopping till both sides agree it is done.

2005-09-03 16:49:54 ET

what about bear and potatoes? ...you all are clearly not irish enough

...well except Sam but i suppose that goes with saying

2005-09-04 13:42:09 ET

i am not, but ill take beer with anything.

2005-09-04 16:29:01 ET

haha me too

2005-09-06 05:27:24 ET

beer and potatoes. that just sounds gross *tummy rolls*

2005-09-06 07:28:27 ET

well to be quite honest in my house you pretty much drink beer with everything and if not beer than whine

2005-09-06 07:29:51 ET

My grandpa used to drink beer with everything, hamburger helper mostly.

2005-09-06 07:30:13 ET


2005-09-06 07:46:26 ET

haha hamburger helper...that stuff always just looked like throw up to me

2005-09-06 07:47:09 ET

looks like throw up, tastes like heaven. hahaha

2005-09-06 08:29:11 ET

haha something like that

2005-09-07 00:46:36 ET

God... :::rolls eyes::: I go away and there's nobody around to set you poor things straight.

Beer with Shepards Pie... Beer with Fish & Chips (smothered in Malt Vinager... Beer with Corned Beef and Cabbage...

Beer with ANYTHING barbecued!

Beer with Beer, Beer with Whiskey, Tequila with a Beer chaser, Vodka with a Beer chaser...

Beer with Curry, Beer with ANYTHING Indian or Spicy Oriental, Beer with Chili, Beer with ALL Mexican foods...

Beer is good with Pizza, but when it comes to Italian foods, I personally tend to prefer Wine (don't even get me STARTED on that list, lol!).

As for sex and drinking - Bad Idea!

Ok folks, time for another anatomy/physiology leason: Alcohol is an Anastetic<sp?>! They used to use it for amputations, for christ's sake!! One of it's main actions is that of dulling nerve sensations... Making you numb... Now, do you really want your nerve endings going numb when you're having SEX?!?!? Logic dictates that it would make it not as pleasureable and also difficult to Orgasm.

The only benifit Alcohol has to sexual contact is of Lowering Inhibitions. Well, if you are with someone you're comfortable around to begin with, you wouldn't need to be drinking!! Lighten up and you'll 'Get Off' better!! ...and if you want to do ANYTHING during sex, for the love of god, smoke some Pot! That actually ENHANCES sex, and sensations, instead of numbing and decreasing them!!

...but then again, I try to be a "Sex Connisuer", hehehe! =P

...and so ends my lessons for today... enjoy.


2005-09-07 03:12:23 ET

i would still disagree, i see what youre saying, makes sense and all.. but in *my* experiences, well they were good experiences, mixing the alcohol and the sex.. pot was good too except i was always rushed at that point due to circumstances..

2005-09-07 03:12:44 ET

and wines good with anything, anytime. especially red..

2005-09-07 07:55:56 ET

I agree beer with anything barbacued. mm thats tasty.

2005-09-07 18:54:01 ET

I'm not saying you can't have FUN having sex while drunk, just not optimum for Pleasure....

2005-09-07 18:56:33 ET

i mean... the pleasure was up there too. i know what youre saying but it depends on the person.

2005-09-07 18:57:52 ET

No, it is not nearly as pleasureable as it could have been. It does NOT depend on the person. It's simple Medical Science.

2005-09-08 06:35:41 ET


2005-09-08 13:03:24 ET

I need to try that pot and sex thing.

damnit, being single sucks sometimes.

2005-09-08 19:29:24 ET

sucks very much.

2005-09-08 19:29:48 ET

ok, well i guess it could have been better but it was really fucking good as it was.

2005-09-08 21:02:52 ET


2005-09-10 07:42:16 ET

<-- resorting to sadness. <BR>

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