Am I the only one with EARS!?!? Or a head for SYNTAX!?
2005-09-28 16:45:32 ET

Ok, I did a Google search for lyrics to a song. I came up with THREE different variations of incorrect lyrics(only finding a FEW sites with the CORRECT lyrics, while a majority of them had what I know is WRONG)...

Here is how the line is supposed to go:
"I've got patients on my back like a cold, cold knife..."

Here is the other ways I found it:
"I got patience on my neck like a coconut"

"I got patience on my neck like a coco that"

"I got patience on my neck like a coco knife"

Ok, does ANY of those other ones even SOUND like the first and/or MAKE SENCE!!?!??? Jeez....


2005-09-28 18:39:12 ET

i hate that about the internet..

2005-09-28 20:03:21 ET

stupid internet.

::beats the internet on the head with an red, oversized, cartoon hammer::

2005-09-28 20:30:29 ET

It's just people in general... like that person everybody knows who ALWAYS sings the wrong lyrics to songs...

2005-09-29 03:38:46 ET

hahaha.. ya i knew a guy like that and he would sing to every song then he told me when i sang "you have a bad voice"

2005-09-29 09:43:43 ET


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