..once again...
2007-03-25 15:42:24 ET

Well, another relationship officially down the fucking tubes. It's like everything I touch turns to shit. It tears me up that there's one more person - that I love - to add to the list of those I've hurt. Being empathic can be such a burden at times.

"Once, if my memory serves me well, my life was a banquet where every heart revealed itself, where every wine flowed.

One evening I took Beauty in my arms - and I thought her bitter - and I insulted her.

I steeled myself against justice.

I fled. O witches, O misery, O hate, my treasure was left in your care. I have withered within me all hope. With a silent leap of a sullen beast I downed and strangled every joy.

I have called for executioners; I want to perish chewing on their gun butts. I have called for plagues, to suffocate in sand and
blood. I have laid down in the mud, and dried myself off in the crime-infested air. I have played the fool to the point of madness...." -from 'Once if my Memory Serves me Well...' by Arthur Rimbaud

2007-03-25 16:14:29 ET

Man I hear ya....it doesn't get any easier. And I'm so sorry for your loss and pain.

2007-03-28 07:28:26 ET

besides what that excerpt is about, it is still very beautiful. For every loss of a beauty there arises another. Creation destruction creation.

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