never let go
2004-06-10 12:07:08 ET

i know everybody is probly sick ive reading my songs but i couldnt help it i wrote this song for two of my friends

it gets harder to sleep
all my sheep have died away
and all i need is you
and all i want is you
never thought it would be this hard
didnt think distance would hurt
but your all i see
and your all i need

is there some way we could stay
just me and you tonight
and never let go
cause its hard to smile
when i cant touch you

it gets harder to breath
everyday your not here
cause all i need is you
and all i want is you
ive found myself crying again
i never want to let you go
your all i see
and your all i need

to many miles have torn me down
to many dreams have waken me
i need some sleep
but all my sheep have died away

2004-06-10 12:08:36 ET

Never get tired of writing songs, for people never get tired of reading or hearing them.

Keep writing man.

2004-06-10 12:11:00 ET

thanks mayn

2004-06-10 12:16:49 ET

No problem Josh

2004-06-10 15:15:27 ET

awwwwwwwwwwwwww, sweetness!

2004-06-10 17:05:16 ET

tis very good ^_^

2004-06-10 19:55:45 ET

I likes it :D Has alot of meaning behind it. You know your two friends pretty well, they must tell you how they feel all the time eh? hehe

2004-06-10 20:02:39 ET

*wonders if he'll tell me who it's about*

2004-06-10 20:03:51 ET

*wonders why kandess doesn't know*

2004-06-10 20:10:19 ET

Wish he would tell me who it was about, im kinda curious. *just kdiding, dont wanan pry*

2004-06-10 20:23:09 ET

*cause he doesn't tell me*

2004-06-10 20:27:14 ET

well, take a good guess who it is for, and u will probably hit it flat on the head.

2004-06-10 20:28:52 ET

never make assumptions...specially when it comes to Joshs songs

2004-06-10 20:31:22 ET

well i know *sticks out tongue and run off*

2004-06-10 20:31:51 ET

lol im kidding, i know who its about =) it's precious

2004-06-10 20:32:46 ET

haha i figured you did, i was all confused

2004-06-10 20:32:49 ET

and i double posted..go me

2004-06-10 20:33:18 ET

it's cute...

2004-06-10 20:38:31 ET

I think it is adorable...then again so is Tasha...*hides*

2004-06-10 20:39:14 ET

e'erybody on this page is adorable :)

2004-06-10 20:49:15 ET

I sowwy Tash..i couldnt help myself...

2004-06-10 21:00:14 ET

no apology neccesary :)

2004-06-10 21:01:53 ET

still.....i cant help it...*sighs* anyways, on a happier note :D got all the chocolate offa me :D

2004-06-10 21:06:02 ET

mm chocolate

2004-06-10 21:16:08 ET

choclate is greatness.....cept when it gets in arm hairs..

2004-06-10 21:17:40 ET

chocolate pits... yum yum

2004-06-10 21:18:47 ET


2004-06-10 21:22:16 ET

ok tha'ts just wrong

2004-06-10 21:23:10 ET

You're imagining it right now, aren't you? Mmmm, chocolate pits

2004-06-10 21:25:05 ET


2004-06-10 21:25:56 ET

Haha, sorry Tash. I'll try something more pleasant, like chocolate covered wang ;)

2004-06-10 21:28:27 ET


2004-06-10 21:28:57 ET

Chocolate covered cherries?

2004-06-10 21:33:09 ET

strawberries *nodnod*

2004-06-10 21:34:21 ET

chocolate covered Strawberries sound really nice right now..hehe

2004-06-10 21:35:05 ET

*drool* man i love strawberries haha

2004-06-10 22:04:16 ET

no offense to the good people my friends love you all but forgive me for ignoring a large portion of this entry due to horrid visuals now instilled in my thoughts

2004-06-10 22:05:47 ET


2004-06-10 22:16:10 ET

I had nothing to do with that...

2004-06-10 22:20:11 ET

and you know thats not even what i wanted to post it mentioned hell though

2004-06-10 22:24:56 ET

i so sorry..hehe...not really....but ill pretend i am to cheer u up :D hehe

2004-06-10 22:26:39 ET

no need for sorries it will be ok im sure they can take a hint

2004-06-10 22:48:18 ET


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