2004-06-11 08:20:09 ET

i have always thought a poets worst fear is knowing his soul has been torn from his body or stolen but i guess the more i think about it it goes for musician as well
because without soul theirs just music without soul theirs
just words. i dont mean to be all depressive or anything guess ive just been thinking alot to much knowing me. but if i could never found my soul if i crossed a thousand mountains and could never grasp true life...........................

i know why it was never there
kandess found it before i could

2004-06-11 13:56:38 ET

that's not too depressing i think it's actually really pretty!

2004-06-11 15:51:22 ET

it's sweet indeed ^_^

2004-06-11 16:24:25 ET

it was more depressing awhile ago because i went through alot with my mother who is against my dreams so we went through alot were she would take my music everything i had put my soul in and torn it up so in away she stole my soul and hide it away but kandess.....its hard to explane when nobody belives and even when i was going through that with my mother she has always believed in me. i really think sometimes she thinks i could jump planet from planet and dive to the deepest parts of the sea in one day

2004-06-11 18:37:25 ET

aww that is so cute are you a kandess like an item or are you just really good friends. AND THAT IS FUCKED UP ABOUT YOUR MOM!

2004-06-11 21:06:09 ET

we're an item

2004-06-11 21:12:03 ET

*boogies on down* FINALLY ;)

2004-06-11 21:55:03 ET

*tear* I love you baby...

2004-06-11 22:05:33 ET

awww! *runs and gives Kandess a hug, then runs and Gives Josh's leg.......urm..i mean Josh a hug* hehe

2004-06-12 12:36:10 ET

love you too

2004-06-12 13:23:51 ET

aww that's cute!

2004-06-18 21:26:01 ET

hehe u think its cute now..hehe wait till i get done with his leg..hehe

2004-06-19 22:44:24 ET

..oh sick brad

2004-06-20 08:47:36 ET


2004-06-20 20:21:18 ET

*snickers* Jealous Kandess? dont worry, ill get to u in a min :D

2004-06-20 20:30:30 ET


2004-06-20 20:32:29 ET

*slowly backs out of the conversation*

2004-06-21 09:10:54 ET

*backs our before tash can* maybe he'll see you instead of me...

2004-06-21 22:41:30 ET

*turns head and sees Tasha and Kandess backing outta the convo* boobies! *jumps from Josh's leg and tackles Kandess* hehe

2004-06-21 22:43:22 ET


2004-06-21 23:03:55 ET

*hugs Kandess's leg* yarrr......

2004-06-22 08:41:45 ET

hey.....no boobies and get off my leg....sheesh

2004-06-22 22:35:24 ET

BOOBIESSSSS!!!! *squirms around on Kandess's leg* hehe *looks back at Tasha* dont worry dear, ur next :D hehe

2004-06-22 22:38:05 ET

hahaha umm...i'm gooonnnneee

2004-06-23 11:13:57 ET

no way hun you are staying *grabs tash and pushes brad onto her leg*

2004-06-23 16:03:58 ET


2004-06-23 22:20:41 ET

*snickers* Hi Tash..hehe

2004-06-23 22:25:15 ET

haha bonjour

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