2004-06-12 23:55:18 ET

awhile back i went on vacation and i did some writting when i got there but i'll get to that later my family isnt always been helpful in my relationships unless it was somebody they wanted me to date so i got kinda depressed and doubted(god forgive me)if being with her was right so i had written a few songs that probly shouldnt have been written but anyway she read them and we talked alittle about them. but this is my sorries to her.

Forgive me

i dont mean to make you cry
i didnt want to cause you troulbe
i dont want to make you sad
your tears cut like glass
but i understand

all these things written
were things written in pain
all these words they scream
are words maybe shes not for me
and for a moment i doubted
please forgive me

i didnt want you to know
i didnt want you to ever see
cause i know you place me high
never wanted to be weak
but i know

give me my dark shroud
covered the black
with white sheets
im sorry i never meant to make you cry
i never wanted you to see my weakness

love you kandess im sorry

2004-06-13 05:21:22 ET

*in the immortal words of Chip from Beauty and the Beast* Seeee...I tooold ya.

*directed at kandess not you josh* ^_^ you guys really do love eachother quite a bit, it's very touching.

we all doubt sometimes, it's human nature, but that's one thing mom and i are trying to do more often, not sure how 'religious' you are but one thing that is important to do if you are, is learn how to turn things over to Him, and then if it's meant to be it's meant to be and it will be ^_^ but even without checkign with Him i can tell you, it's meant to be.

I knew how much you guys cared about eachother the first week I knew Kandess...that tell you much?

2004-06-13 09:26:36 ET

im religious i just have differnt points of veiw.

thank you tash, i know if its all meant to be it will be
just kinda down on myself but your right thank you

2004-06-13 10:49:59 ET

e'erybody is so in a blah mood right now. *shakes head* it's no good.

you're welcome though, it's just the truthness *nodnod*

2004-06-13 15:32:45 ET

...I love you Josh

always have...

always will...
*glares at tash* the first week?

2004-06-13 16:15:55 ET

if only you knew what shes told me ( mischievious eyes) lol

2004-06-15 22:58:47 ET

...*evil glare* ttttaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssshhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

2004-06-16 17:23:17 ET

what did i do?

2004-06-16 18:37:02 ET

....you tell me, since you're the one who did it

2004-06-16 18:47:39 ET

what am i supposed to tell you? i'm lost...*pouts*

2004-06-16 18:53:57 ET

now you sound like Josh...

*mocks* Im lost...

2004-06-16 20:53:10 ET

yes im not alone in this world

2004-06-17 15:46:07 ET

you never have been...Jesse is just as lost.

2004-06-17 16:10:09 ET


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